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Let’s Check out Luka’s Free Route in Red Embrace!

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile you know how much of a fan I am of indie developers ‘Argent Games’. In February this year I reviewed their vampire boys love visual novel ‘Red Embrace’. The game introduced players to a young man named Ash who is thrown into San Francisco’s seedy underground, and tries to find happiness without a getting a bite taken out of him! The game initially featured 3 romaceable guys, with 2 endings each, but  2 weeks ago they added a new route! This was Luka’s route, the adorable tsundere human who Ash first meets at his diner. What’s even better news than a new route? The route is completely free! Even if you haven’t bought the game you can play Luka’s route to get a full taste of all the goodness Red Embrace has to offer.

Red Embrace Luka Boys Love Game Review Yaoi.png

Luka’s route, like the other three aren’t just all about romance. We have a chance to look at his backstory, what drives him and ultimately see how our relationship with Luka influences his fate. I really hope that Argent Games adds another route to this game *cough cough* Bishop (even though he’s pretty awful/evil in all the routes), because it’s such a fascinating take on vampires.

If you’re interested in any of Argent Games’ games now is a really great time to pick them up as they’re all on sale with the Steam Summer sale! Keep up to date with all of Argent Games news and on their website and Twitter.

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