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A3 Localisation News! ~ Let’s train Ikemen!

In the early hours of this morning, ikemen fans received some great news. The incredibly popular rhythm game ‘A3!’ (Act! Addict! Actors!) has been confirmed for localisation. The announcement stated that Cybird will be in charge of this project, you may know Cybird from their Ikemen series like ‘Ikemen Sengoku’ and ‘Ikemen Revolution’. The game was developed by company Liber Entertainment Inc and launched in Japan January 27 2017. The game is incredibly popular in Japan, I remember going to a KBooks and seeing a whole wall full of merchandise. For the English version, no release date has been announced, but I’m guessing it might be before the end of the year. This guess is perhaps a bit optimistic. But, UtaPri was announced for localisation on the 24 June 2017 and released 6 months later on 24 January. Also, Cybird is known for doing pretty quick work (which is always high quality).

It may be a little incorrect for me to relate it to UtaPri while describing some features, but hey, it’s the only thing I have to compare it to (sorry!). Similar to UtaPri the game is about a group of idols, you play as their manager, collecting cards through gacha rolls and levelling up via rhythm games. The game does have quite a few unique features such as mini games, a music player (listen to music without playing the game) and even a chat room where you can chat with friends. The game divides characters into one of 4 troupes (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter), each troupe has 5 characters, with some much choice it’ll be hard to pick best boy!

A3 Localisation News Spring TroupeA3 Localisation News SummerTroupeA3 AutumnA3 Localisation News Winter Troupe

I’m really excited about this game, it’s always good news to see more ikemen games being localised! I’m a little worried I might get obsessed with it, just like I am with UtaPri, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. If you want a head-start on the game/ learn more about the mechanics make sure to check out Billy’s guide on A3 over here!

8 thoughts on “A3 Localisation News! ~ Let’s train Ikemen!

  1. Oh, nice. I really need more games like this. I’m stuck in UtaPri hell already so just give me another hell to stuck in, too… 😎


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