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Aldo Bardi Walkthrough ~ Lost Alice (Shall we Date?)

Hello! The second part of the ‘Underground City’ trio is set to be released tomorrow. I’m writing up the beginnings of the post now as I will be away from my computer until late at night, I’ll try to post throughout the day using my mobile though. Aldo Bardi is the leader of the ‘Aldo’ faction that wanted to stay in the Underground, rather than trying to go outside. His ‘style’ is the heart, but that’s pretty much all I know about him. I couldn’t really get much of sense of his personality when I played Frederick’s route, besides his tense relationship with his brother. It’ll be interesting to learn more about him during his route. Following Aldo will probably be his brother Dino, and then…a whole new trio!

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Aldo Bardi Shall we Date Walkthrough Information.jpeg


Chapter 1

  • 1.03 – I don’t need an apology (Best)
  • 1.06 – Are you sure you don’t mind? (Best)
  • 1.07 – Checkpoint – Aldo Body (1 Gem)

Chapter 2

  • 2.03 – Check point – 50 Miss Wonderland Points
  • 2.03 – Don’t worry. But may I ask… (Best)
  • 2.07 – I want to return to my world (Best)

Chapter 3

  • 3.01 – I can’t take sides (Best)
  • 3:03 – … (Best)
  • 3:04 – Check Point – Normal Accessory (20 gems vs. 2800 coins) OR Premium Accessory (30 gems)

Chapter 4

  • 4.02 – What would you like to eat, Aldo? (Best)
  • 4.06 – Do you have a girlfriend, Aldo (Best)

Chapter 5

  • 5.02 – Check point – 7100 Miss Wonderland Points
  • 5.05 – I’m fine now (Best)
  • 5.06 – … (Best)

Chapter 6

  • 6:03 – Check point – 10200 Miss Wonderland Points
  • 6.05 – If Aldo were my boyfriend… (Best)
  • 6.06 – I feel relaxed when I am with you, Aldo (Best)

Chapter 7

  • 7.01 – Do you want to go back in time? (Best)
  • 7.03 – It’s not your fault, Aldo (Best)
  • 7.06 – Check point – Normal lamp (35 gems vs. 6000 coins) OR  premium lamp (50 gems)

Chapter 8

  • 8.02 – I try to distract him (Best)
  • 8.05 – Tell him the truth (Best)

Chapter 9

  • 9.01 – But I’m fine already… (Best)
  • 9.02 – Check point – Water magic (70 gems vs. 4000 coins) OR premium uniform (80 gems)
  • 9.04 – Are you sure you don’t mind? (Best)

Chapter 10

  • 10.01 – I’m a bit nervous but… (Best)
  • 10:04 – Check point – 23000 Miss Wonderland points
  • 10:07 – Can I go change? (Best)

Chapter 11

  • 11:02 – Do you remember what happened before you go to the cave? (Best)
  • 11:05 – Check point – 29000 Miss Wonderland points
  • 11:08 – That’s not it! (Best)

Chapter 12

  • 12:01 – Don’t be rude! (Best)

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9 thoughts on “Aldo Bardi Walkthrough ~ Lost Alice (Shall we Date?)

    1. Hiya so I only put down the correct answers not all the options. So for example in chapter 1 the first answer is ‘ i don’t need an apology’ and then the second answer is ‘are you sure you don’t mind?’ Sorry for the confusion!


      1. I’m still confused. Those are the only two answers I am given. So only one can be the best answer while the other is just a good answer. The best one gives you more on the love meter.


      2. Ok so for the first answer the options you were given were something else + I don’t need an apology. So i just wrote down ‘I don’t need an apology’ as that was the best answer. Then later on in chapter 1, another option came up, that option was something like are you rich? / are you sure you don’t mind? The second answer (are you sure you don’t mind) was the best answer so that was what I wrote down. Each chapter has 2 questions, with 2 best answers. I’ve only written the best answers down.


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