The Best Of Play-Asia’s Summer Sale

Since joining Play-Asia’s affiliate program back in February 2017, I have made the grand total of $1.27. As such, my mid-year resolution is to increase that total to $2 by December 2018. To make my dream a reality, I decided to comb through Play-Asia’s sale lists to find the best deals. Just remember, every click gets me 10% of a cent!

Play Asia Earnings

First up is a treat for Gintama fans – this Elizabeth oven mitt is down from the original prices of $15, now avaliable for $9.99! Add Elizabeth to your kitchen over here.

Gintama Merch

Or grab some Natsume Yujincho Ichiban Kuji figures for $3, originally $10. I’m not sure if get a random one or you can choose. But hey for this price who cares? …You care, you definitely care, if you’re paying another $10 in shipping 😓

Chibi figure

You can also grab Chrom & Luciana’s amiibo figures! Chrom is $3 off (pretty much free shipping?) and Luciana is $10 off. FYI I know nothing about amiibos so I don’t know if they are region locked or anything – best to check that out yourself! But look at that pose, look at the grimace! Why wouldn’t you want him in your house!? Also Luciana (who I call Lucy) is always best girl. Lucy is over here and  buy Chromover here!


I don’t even know what this is. But this DVD is $56 off, down to $3. The DVD is region 3 so grab it if you can play it! It’s also a Collector’s edition ~ OOOOH! Grab it here.


Finally you can grab this random cute anime girl for $17. The site doesn’t say how much you save :/  Buy her over here.

ute anime girl

That’s it! Help me reach my dream of 2 USD! Or don’t, y’know that’s cool. I’ll be ok, I’ll just have to find a new dream ;_;


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