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JAST BLUE Announces Localisation for 3 more Boys Love Games!

Today was the first day of Anime Expo, a massive convention that runs in Los Angelas showcasing all things Otaku. And wow wee did we have a massive first day. A few months ago, JAST announced their new line called ‘JAST BLUE’ which would focus on the localisation of Boys Love games. For those who haven’t heard of JAST before about 10 years ago their released ‘Enzai’ and ‘Absolute Obedience’, the first Boys Love games to get English localisations. For many BL fans, these games were their first introduction to the genre. It’s been 10 years since an announcement on the BL side, so when they introduce ‘JAST Blue’ and that their first project would be nitro+chiral’s cult classic ‘Sweet Pool’, let’s just say it created a storm of excitement in the community. This lead to a number of fans (including me) wondering if the company would take on nitro+chiral’s other games. But I didn’t expect to get an answer so quickly!

In today’s 1 hour panel JAST Blue announced the localisation of not one, not two, but three more games. These games make up almost all the rest of Nitro+Chiral’s catalogue, they are ‘Togainu no Chi’, ‘DRAMAtical Murder’ and ‘Lamento: Beyond the Void’. Unfortunately the panel did not mention a potential release date for these games, or what platforms would be released on. As much as I would adore a PS Vita release, but with Sony seeming to slowly be pulling out of the West on the vita front, I’ll try not to get my hopes up. Based on VNDB let’s have a quick look at each of the game’s stories.

Sweet Pool

Gosh, I don’t even know where to begin with this one. But I think the less you know the better. To keep it simple, Yoji is returning to school after a long absence, strangers approach him and there’s an unnatural pain. What’s happening to him?

Togainu no Chi

Falsely accused, our hero is thrust into a life and death game where he has to kill the ‘king’ to gain his freedom.

DRAMAtical Murder

Set in the future, our MC wants to live a peaceful life with his grandma. But his plans are disrupted when he gets involved in a virtual reality fighting game where participants work with their AI-Mate (an AI that looks like a pet).

Lamento – Beyond the Void –

Konoe’s world is crashing down around him, there are major food shortages, and his village as turned to canabilism to survive. After suffering horrible dreams and seeing strange marks appear on his skin, he goes to the capital to try and find a cure.

To be honest I don’t know much about nitro+chiral games, and am trying to avoid searching too deeply as I enjoy playing games ‘blind’. Sorry if my summaries are a little wrong >_<!  I’ve only watched the anime adaptation of ‘Togainu no Chi’, but from that and various whisperings online, I can guess we’re in for a bit of a wild ride. All the games seem to have complex stories, filled with dark themes and quite graphic themes. In saying that, I’m so excited for them all!

Which game are you most excited for? 



4 thoughts on “JAST BLUE Announces Localisation for 3 more Boys Love Games!

  1. I am excited for them all but I am also carefully optimistic because I have to options to play on and that is a Mac and a PS4 and chances are they will do a pc version. 🙄 I hope not though. Someone should think about us BL loving, VN-playing mac users too.

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    1. Oh gosh I didn’t even think of the Mac issue, I’m lucky I’ve got a PC which is like 7 years old but can run some things but i hate using it. I really hope it does get a Mac version!


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