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Liar! Scheming Socialites ~ Walkthrough (Voltage Inc)

Voltage has just released the second spin off of their hit game ‘Liar! Uncover the truth’. When I played the game back in January 2017, I absolutely adored it, however I didn’t get a chance to play the sequel – Office Deception. The newest game ‘Scheming Socialites’ is set in a prestigious university, with a slightly younger MC. In this game, you have to find a decent guy before graduation otherwise you have to marry a no-good ex! Just like always the strange fortune teller appears to let us know 9 liars will block our path to happiness. Will we be able to overcome this group of rich kids to find our one true love!?

Flirt time answers over here!



  • No, you have  a boyfriend
  • Picture of Kyoko’s event post
  • Go to Koh’s friends and click on ‘Shunya’, scroll and picture of his MewTube post
  • Tap calendar, student ID and green cinema ticket
  • Tap picture from Akari and save


  • Show movie ticket stub
  • The type of ticket
  • Picture from Akari
  • Kyoko’s Find Friend post
  • Open planner


  • Pic of Akari’s post + save photo of blonde hair guy (Nagi)

1st Liar ~ Like a professional virgin


  • Kyoko’s post about underwear thief, click on the comments, take photo
  • Scroll further down on main screen to Akari’s post and take photo
  • Save picture Kaname sends you
  • Tap on headphones + wallet + charm
  • Tap on picture Mio sends and save it


  • Cool points needed – 10
  • Hayato
  • 5:50
  • Bulletin Board Picture
  • The thief stole the bra
  • Earphones
  • Seminar group photo

2nd liar ~ Group date up in flames


  • Save picture of bass guitar from group chat
  • Save group picture from chat
  • Scroll to picture of Champagne and save it
  • Go to Rin’s post comments and take a picture


  • Shunya Tsukino
  • He saw the video last night
  • The account name
  • Rin’s find friend screen
  • The musical ticket
  • Picture of the toast

3rd Liar – Trouble in Love


  • Up to chapter 12 everything is automatic!
  • Go to Shotaro’s profile and save pic of him and glasses dude, go to Akari’s profile and save pink of her in bathrobe from the comments go to Toru’s page and save picture of food, and finally go to Mio’s profile save group pic


  • Akari Saionji
  • She wanted to do the mock date
  • Picture of dinner
  • Selfie with Akari
  • Background
  • Magazine featuring you

4th Liar – Take this Party Underground




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