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Aksys Games Announces Code Realize: Wintertide Miracles

Just a few minutes ago, Aksys games unveiled a few new announcements at Anime Expo. Among them was a single otome title – the second fan disc to Code Realize. This game, Shirogane no Kiseki or translated as ‘Wintertide Miracles’ is focused on Christmas time. So we can expect lots of cute CGs of MC snuggling up with best boy! If you watch the video below, I’m pretty excited to see Sholmes get some more loving. It also appears that there is another female character called ‘Cantarella’, I wonder what her story will be! Aksys announced that the game will be released on both PS vita and PS4. It’s really exciting to know that developers haven’t left the vita for dead. The game has no specific release date for the West besides 2019. The game was released in Japan in December last year.

While this is very exciting for CR fans, quite a few of the otome armada was hoping for the announcement of a Collar x Malice fan disc or even a brand new game. A brand new game would have been perfect, as fan discs are quite short and focus on just adding extra sweet content. There also seems to be no comment on the Kenka Banchou front, which has been a long time campaign for the otome armada. However we still have half a year left in 2018, so hopefully there will be many more announcements of otome localisations. Otome armada keep your fingers crossed and keep showing your support to Aksys! In the mean time, we can look forward to MangaGamer’s Steam Prism which has been announced as almost finished and lots of Indie games!

The other games announced by Aksys were ‘Stardust Galaxy Warriors’, ‘Ghost Parade’, ‘Stellar Climax’ and ‘Death Mark’. Death Mark is another one I’m interested in as it is a horror game!

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  1. I was hoping for a couple of otome announcements now that the Summer of Mystery is over with. I’m hoping Aksys (and Idea Factory themselves) go a little aggressive here soon and get some of the Vita titles before the physical productions are cut off, even if they know some of them are going to be ported to PS4/Switch in the near future.

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    1. Same! Apparently before they had the panel they said ‘otome fans will be excited’ or something, so I thought they’d announce another 3 games or something. While I’m excited for the fan disc, kinda disappointed :/

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