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Flower Boy Athletic High ~ First Impressions (Day7 Otome)

It’s only halfway through the year, and Day7 has released its fourth game for 2018! ‘Flower Boy Athletic High’ puts us in the shoes of a disciplinary committee member MC. She’s assigned to take care of the athletes of the school – ensuring they keep up to the school’s moral code. However she may get more than she bargained for with these devilishly handsome boys! The game’s prologue is very short compared to their other games, but I guess that just gives you more time to jump in to your favourite babe’s story.

Like many Day7 games, Flower Boy Athletic High has heaps of CGs to collect – four date CGs and one ending CG per boy. Like always, dates and unlocking the good ending can be done through buying clothes. Clothes can be bought using gems which you can either buy or watch ads for. You can watch 5 ads a day which will net you about 15 gems, outfits can cost between 50 – 200 gems. You can also get free gems through tap joy. If you are thinking of purchasing gems (which I encourage as it shows Day7 you love their games and want more of them!) there’s some really good deals going on, for example I bought the Chansol bundle ($3) which comes for 400 gems + all the story hints!

Kangjoon Seo K

The game also features heaps of extra stories, there’s about 5 extra side stories per guy and three epilogues to read! Personally I’m most excited for Kangjoon and Taeyoon’s routes, even though they seem like polar opposites! In the opening movie they really grabbed my attention (not at all because Kangjoon is shown shirtless or anything!!).

Over the next week I will be on hiatus as I’m visiting Brisbane to celebrate my mum’s birthday. As such most of the walkthroughs for this game will be delayed until next week. I know some of you might want one ASAP – so I’ll release on walkthrough on Wednesday. Vote below for which one you’d like to see first!

Kangjoon’s walkthrough over here!



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