Summer Anime 2018 ~ First Impressions!

Spring has ended and now begins the hot days of Summer – the time to go to the beach, take great afternoon naps and eat ice cream. At least if you’re in the northern hemisphere, down under we’re all freezing our butts off. Last year’s summer line up was pretty exciting for me, I had a few series were I need reviews every 3 weeks and a bunch of series reviews. Unfortunately this year’s summer lineup is a little lacklustre, I only tried out 4 anime series this time! As such, unlike past seasonal first impressions, it’ll all be one post. As always here’s a quick rundown of my voting scale –

0-2: Wow that’s part of my life I’ll never get back

2-3: Reasonable, would need to watch the next one or two episodes to see if it’s worth continuing

4-5: That was absolutely fantastic! Give me the next episode now!

Satsuriku no Tenshi

Angel of Death anime

‘Angels of Death’ is probably my stand out for this season, not because it’s good. To be honest, it’s just alright. But it’s exactly the kind of crazy, messed up stuff that I like to binge-watch after a bad day, and with my thesis going into a nosedive, this is perfect. The anime is based on a game by the same name. In episode 1, we’re introduced to Rachel, a young girl with no memories who wakes up in a basement. It’s not off to a great start for Rachel. But it gets a lot worse when she finds out everyone in the building is trying to kill her. At the moment there seems to be a semblance of a plot, but it’s overshadowed by the gratuitous violence and the bandage dude’s god awful voice. Still, I’m confident it’ll be my guilty pleasure 3/5

Hataraka Saibou

White and Red Blood Cells anime

What would your cells say if they could talk? Mine would probably beg for some water and exercise. In ‘Cells at Work’ our cells are ‘brought to life’, anthropomorphised as adorable anime characters. The general idea of the series is seeing how cells combat infections and germs inside our body. Even if the plot is a little thin, it’s still really awesome to see the different ways our bodies have been reimagined, for example our lungs ‘ look like a greenhouse. The jokes are pretty funny, although sometimes a bit tongue in cheek. I’ll try a few more episodes and see how it goes! 3/5


BANANA FISH episode 1 review anime

Easily the most anticipated series this season, BANANA FISH was quite a fun watch. I gotta admit, I did not know about the series beforehand, so for those who are like me – the anime is an adaptation of a 1980s manga and is regarded as influential on the Boys Love genre for its positive depiction same-sex relationships. The series also touched on a number of societal issues such as the Vietnam War, corrupt governments, and gangs.

I really tried not to get swept away by the hype of the show on social media, it seemed like everyone and their grandma was posting about how this would be the next ‘Yuri on Ice’ – which is kind of an off comparison in itself. And sometimes, I hate to say it, but hype does more harm than good. The first episode of ‘Banana Fish’ was good – there were great characters, intrigue, action etc. But I just kept expecting something more, and when it didn’t come, I felt a little cheated. It was a good episode, and I have no doubt it’ll develop into a great series, just don’t drown in the hype surrounding it. Take it for what it is.  4/5

Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes

Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes episode 1 review anime

The ‘Holmes at Kyoto Teramachi Sanjo’ sounds interesting on the surface. ‘Step into a strange antique shop, where a handsome man and a sweet high school girl solve odd cases’ – intriguing. So I’m not sure if I watched the first episode of a completely different anime, or there was an issue in the planning department – but the episode just screamed mundane. There was the stereotypical ‘I’m-so-smart’ guy whose personality see-sawed from sweet and soft-spoken to random playboy, and the girl who just stood a little slack-jawed doe-eyed and unsure. The episode was boring, and typical, like all the shoujo anime tropes balled up into one 25 minute sitting. It was a disappointing watch 2/5

Final Plans

I’m unsure if I’ll do a final series review on any of these, maybe Satsuriku no Tenshi if it turns out to be superb. But for now, I’ll just let you know which ones I’ll try a few more episodes for and which ones I’ll drop!

Keep Watching

  • Satsuriku no Tenshi
  • Hataraka Saibou


  • Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes

8 thoughts on “Summer Anime 2018 ~ First Impressions!

  1. I’ve seen both Angels of Death and Cells at work. No really sure yet what to make of the first one. I enjoyed the first episode a lot despite it’s flaws, but the second seemed to turn everything around and went more into a halfhearted kind of comedy style.
    Cells at work though is really amazing. I like the unique style of it and I am looking forward to seeing what they are going to come up with next 😊

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    1. Ooh I’ll have to watch the second episode soon. I’m not sure if I should watch them weekly or binge at the end, we shall see! Cells at work is definitely unique, hehe I gotta love those kid cells, so cute!

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      1. I’m going to try and keep watching them each week (if I can keep that up that is). And I will start with episode 2 of Cells at Work today…looking forward to it.
        Ps…thanks for rescuing my comment 😊😊


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