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Kangjoon Seo Review & Walkthrough ~ Flower Boy Athletic High

On Monday, Day7 released its third otome game for the year (excluding Cannerian Tale). The game, ‘Flower Boy Athletic High’, follows our MC as she tries to discipline one of five out of control athletes. Each route has 12 episodes, with a date every 3 or so episodes. On top of this, you can read special side stories and epilogues to get a better insight into each guy’s personality and history. As I’m on break until Friday, this week I’ll only be doing one walkthrough. Kangjoon won the poll (from the time I checked it) so his walkthrough is going first!

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  • RCRS Duty
  • I told you, I’m here for RCRS
  • Date – Climb up the chair  (Special Illustration!)
  • Test – over 30% charm
  • Then, can I ask you something?
  • You look sick.
  • But I’m worried.
  • Date! 
  • Hey. Are you okay?
  • Thanks.
  • It’s boring to eat alone.
  • Date – Need khaki outfit for pic
  • Test – over 70% charm
  • I was worried.
  • No, I do.
  • What do you mean?
  • Date – Get a recommendation (Special Illustration!)
  • Can’t be

Please note that just getting the correct answers does not guarantee the good ending. In some routes it will be ok, but in other routes you may need to use gems to buy outfits or special answers to boost affection points. 


As this is my first play through, I’ll just quickly write some general thoughts and then go into Kangjoon’s specific comments. I have to say I really love the MC in this game. I was a little nervous playing another high school orientated game, I’m nearly 24 and often feel more like a big sister watching over an awkward/immature romance than playing it as myself.But it was nice to see a younger MC who had a good balance of gutsy but also a bit ditzy. I could really connect with this MC! A smaller issue is that I did notice a few spelling/ grammar errors, but they weren’t anything major and did not detract from the game.

Kangjoon Seo was definitely the first boy to catch my attention, mainly for his looks. To be honest once I played his route, my interest in him died a little bit. He was a very typical tsundere and in the actual route he displayed very little affection towards MC until the end. It was only after I read the epilogue and side stories that I really connected to Kangjoon and actually re-read the route with those scenes in mind, and I enjoyed it a lot more! While I would recommend maybe checking out a side story every couple of chapters just to be reminded of what goes on in Kangjoon’s head, I know that these cost gems so not everyone can do it. It would have been nice to have a few of these scenes sprinkled into the main story, just to give him that extra dimension.