Back from my break ~ My Brisbane Trip

On Tuesday last week I announced I’d be taking a mini break. It was my mum’s birthday, and we ended up flying up to Brisbane to celebrate it. I was off Twitter and most social media, but scheduled my posts – so it probably didn’t seem much like a break here! Anywho I thought it’d be fun to share some pictures of what I did up there. The flight to Brisbane only took about an hour from Sydney. Straight off the bat, my favourite part of the trip was how warm it was. In Sydney it’s been about 12-14 degrees, but in Brisbane it was about 20 degrees!! I could pretty much walk around in a shirt and jeans, in fact I saw lots of people walking around in shorts!

We didn’t have much of a plan on what we wanted to do in Brisbane. After all, our main goal was just to relax! On our first half-day (we arrived at about 12pm), we got some disappointing Maccas and had a nap in the hotel room. After that we walked down to a Chinese restaurant for dinner and stayed in the hotel room the rest of the night. The next day (the 18th) was a bit more special as it was my mum’s actual birthday! We started out walking around South Bank and checking out the great views of the Brisbane skyline. We also had some really delicious dessert at a place called ‘Cowch’ before eating dinner at a Spanish tapas restaurant.

Brisbane Night river cruise

Our last full day was spent going through the Queen Street shops. Mum managed to buy some clothes, while I managed to finally grab a shiny Bulbasaur! Later on in the day we caught the city hopper ferry. It’s essentially a free ferry that takes you along the river, from the first starting point (across from our hotel) to the end and back took about 1.5 hours. We got on at around 4pm, and through the trip caught the sunset and saw the city slowly light up for the night. I gotta admit I got a little motion sick, so we ended up getting off at South Bank and walking back to the hotel from there. Throughout our trip, we visited a Japanese cafe called ‘Bonsai Botanical’ a few times, I’m thinking of writing a proper review post of that cafe on my other blog Merry Adventures – so keep an eye out for it!

I hope you enjoyed reading this quick trip recap! The whole time I was in Brisbane I felt like I was just de-stressing and felt so calm. I’ve lived in both Sydney and Melbourne, and while we only spent about 4 days in Brisbane, I’ve gotta say the people there are some of the nicest I’ve ever met. Even the general pace of the city was so different to Sydney, everyone walked slow and relaxed. Sometimes in Sydney it seems like everyone is in a panic, running around like headless chickens! Thanks for the fun times Brisbane, hope to see you again soon 😀!


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