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Chansol Oh Review & Walkthrough ~ Flower Boy Athletic High

Thank you everyone for your patience! I know these walkthroughs & reviews have been coming out a little slow. I was on holiday with my mum over last week and wanted to take a break from my blog. All the walkthroughs should be finished by next Friday!

To give a quick recap – The game, ‘Flower Boy Athletic High’, puts us in the shoes of a disciplinary committee member as she tries to discipline one of five out of control athletes. Each route has 12 episodes, with a date every 3 or so episodes. On top of this, you can read special side stories and epilogues to get a better insight into each guy’s personality and history.

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  • Could you stop talking so informally?
  • Fine, as long as you’re comfy with it.
  • Date: Get an ice cream (Special Illustration)!
  • Your shout didn’t let me focus
  • But you can’t even do basic stuff…
  • The thing about ‘liking’ and stuff…
  • Date: Need sporty outfit for pic
  • Okay, I’ll teach you.
  • Does it hurt?
  • …what do you mean ‘killed’?
  • Date: Need sporty outfit for pic
  • I thought you were lazy
  • I’ll help you. Let’s go.
  • Okay. Thanks for your help
  • Date: Get him an ice-cream (Special illustration)!
  • Cold?

Please note that just getting the correct answers does not guarantee the good ending. In some routes it will be ok, but in other routes you may need to use gems to buy outfits or special answers to boost affection points. 


I’m actually surprised at how much I loved Chansol’s route! Normally I like guys who are very mature and a little bit cold. So Chansol’s puppy dog personality shouldn’t have gripped my heart as well as it did! But i think after Kangjoon’s route, where he was super cold and rude to MC, Chansol was a breath of fresh air. Just so kind and considerate to MC! I think my only gripe with the route was that the choices you get are often quite similar to one another. So without having the guide, it can be difficult to work out which option is actually correct. It’s pretty much just different ways of saying the same thing.

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Chansol’s route is probably meant to be played first. I noticed when I finished Kangjoon’s route even though I hadn’t read any of Chansol’s stories, I had still unlocked his happy ending just from the charm outfits I had bought. Also Chansol’s route does not feature any charm outfit checks. Unfortunately I spent so many of my gems in Kangjoon’s route I couldn’t purchase the outfit for the dates or the side stories. I would have loved to know more about Chansol’s life with his granny.