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Valentin vs. Lex Walkthrough ~ Love Tangle (Shall We Date?)

Love Tangle has just released its latest dynamic duo! This time have the choice between romancing ‘indomitable vocalist’ Valentin Blom and ‘Perfervid Firefighter’ Lex Caraballo.  Both of these characters were introduced during Celina and Earl’s route, but I’m really excited to see more of them. Valentin is up first, super early bird finishes 2 August and Early Bird finishes 8 August. Lex will probably be released in about 2 weeks or so.

Important: Warning for something that happens in Valentin’s route chapter 3 that might upset some readers.

I’ll be updating this walkthrough as I go through. If you know the correct answers or have any questions please feel free to comment down below!!


Common Route

  • 1.05 – Ask if he likes coffee
  • 2.04 –  Accept
  • 2.07 – Don’t go
  • 3.02 – Don’t pry into it
  • 3.09 – Turn down the offer
  • 4.03 – Go with Valentin
  • 4.08  – Search for him

Chapter 5

  • 5.04 – Don’t Chase Him (Best)
  • 5:10 – Nod (Best)

Chapter 6

  • 6.03 –  Disagree (Best)
  • 6.09 – Say nothing (Best)

Chapter 7

  • 7.05 – At Ryan’s Bar (Best)
  • 7.06 – Go talk to him (Best)

Chapter 8

  • 8:03 – Accept his offer (Best)
  • 8:06 – I am (Best)


Common Route

  • 1.05 – Ask him about breakfast
  • 2.04 –  Decline
  • 2.07 – Go Alone
  • 3.02 – Ask about his health
  • 3.09 – Take him up on the offer
  • 4.03 – Go home
  • 4.08 – Go with Lex

Chapter 5

  • 5.08 – Don’t chase Valentin (Best)
  • 5.11 – Don’t pester him (Best)

Chapter 6

  • 6.05 – Hesitate to introduce Lex (Best)
  • 6.08 – Dance with Lex (Best)

Chapter 7

  • 7.07 – Go inside (Best)
  • 7:11 – Tak to Lex (Best)

Chapter 8

  • 8:06 – Disagree (Best)
  • 8:09 – Refuse him at first (Best)

Sorry it took me a while to do Lex’s route, I was still finishing Valentin’s route when Lex showed up! To be honest, I wasn’t completely enamoured with either of these routes. Valentin put a bad taste in my mouth from what happened in chapter 3 and Lex was a little bit boring. What did you guys think of these routes?


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2 thoughts on “Valentin vs. Lex Walkthrough ~ Love Tangle (Shall We Date?)

  1. Hi im new to the game on my new iPad but I played on my old. Does choosing the first Valentin premium story because I have to make a difference to the story of lex which I’m hoping I’ll get in the end

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hiya! Choosing premium stories won’t influence your affection points with either guy, they only unlock special pictures. At the end of chapter 4 you can choose which guy you want to romance! Hope that helps let me know if you have any other questions 🙂


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