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Yeonho Joo Review & Walkthrough ~ Flower Boy Athletic High

Happy Friday everyone! I’m back with my third walkthrough for ‘Flower Boy Athletic High’. I’m going through gems like there’s no tomorrow, so the last two walkthroughs may be delayed till the end of next week. Thank you for your patience! *cough cough* to make it go quicker you can always donate to my Ko-Fi.

To give a quick recap – The game, ‘Flower Boy Athletic High’, puts us in the shoes of a disciplinary committee member as she tries to discipline one of five out of control athletes. Each route has 12 episodes, with a date every 3 or so episodes. On top of this, you can read special side stories and epilogues to get a better insight into each guy’s personality and history.

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  • Have we met before?
  • Why are you laughing…?
  • Date – Go after Lio (Special Illustration)
  • Yup, I’ll take it!
  • Actually, yes.
  • It won’t be burdening
  • Date – purchase casual outfit (girl) for illustration
  • Okay, we should do that.
  • I’ve got the courage to eat it.
  • Date – purchase casual outfit (boy) for illustration
  • I must be sleepy.
  • Let’s go if you feel like it
  • I’m here to see you.
  • Date – Read something else (Special Illustration)
  • I was worried.

Please note that just getting the correct answers does not guarantee the good ending. In some routes it will be ok, but in other routes you may need to use gems to buy outfits or special answers to boost affection points. 


Reading Yeonho’s route was kind of like watching a Korean drama! The romance was very soft, and slowly building until there was a very romantic confession at the end. I think some players might find Yeonho a little bland, as he is quite quiet and soft spoken, but I really enjoyed his caring personality. He wasn’t over the top like Chansol, but still had the same warm personality. One thing I did notice was that MC was a little more hesitant in this route, and seemed to be more concerned about the way she spoke to Yeonho. I kind of missed the MC in Kangjoon’s route who just spoke her mind!

Yeonho Joo Yeonho Flower Boy Athletic High

My favourite part of Yeonho’s route were the little cut-scene pictures. Out of the three boys I’ve played so far, they were the most striking. Personally, I didn’t really like the end picture with Yeonho’s hand over MC’s mouth, it looked a little bit awkward. But the other pictures throughout his route made up for it!