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Chayu Song Review & Walkthrough ~ Flower Boy Athletic High

In ‘Flower Boy Athletic High’, we play as a disciplinary committee member as she tries to discipline one of five out of control athletes. Each route has 12 episodes, with a date every 3 or so episodes. On top of this, you can read special side stories and epilogues to get a better insight into each guy’s personality and history. So far I’m really enjoying the game, as usual Day7 games have amazing graphics and quite sweet stories.

Other walkthroughs: Kangjoon | Chansol | Yeonho | Chayu | Taeyoon


  • Not sure.
  • I’ll decide after I hear it first.
  • Date – Go to the convenience store (Special Illustration)
  • You left me, Chayu
  • I go to you for RCRS matters.
  • I wanted to see who’s here
  • Date –  purchase casual outfit (girl) for illustration
  • You would do that for me?
  • You should rest when you are sick
  • I was just hungry
  • Date – purchase casual outfit (boy) for illustration
  • I’m a little sleepy…
  • I’ll go after walking a bit longer
  • Then?
  • Date – The movie with the closest time (Special Illustration)
  • There’s no way I’d be fine

Please note that just getting the correct answers does not guarantee the good ending. In some routes it will be ok, but in other routes you may need to use gems to buy outfits or special answers to boost affection points. 


Chayu’s route has probably been my least favourite so far – but that’s not to say the route was bad! While he is VERY cute, I found some his scenes to be very stereotypical and cliche. Maybe I’m just a bit disappointed after coming off Yeonho’s route which I really loved. Also his route, like Kanjoon’s, required you to do all of the dates to get the good ending – which I ran out of gems for 😭.

Chayu Song cute picture

Chayu’s route had some of my favourite pictures. The fourth date CG is my favourite, it really shows the gentle side of Chayu and a little bit of MC’s sweet/ silly side.


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