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‘Perseverance’, by Tap It Studios, is a horror-drama visual novel, with various parts placing you in the shoes of different characters. For part 1, we’re introduced to husband, father and down-on-his-luck Jack. Jack’s day, no, Jake’s life isn’t going very well. His wife has had enough, his relationship with his 11 year old daughter is strained and he’s struggling to make ends meet. His cabin in the woods is his retreat, a chance to de-stress and go hunting. But this trip into the wood won’t be like any other. Secret agents, a hospital in meltdown and a cute dog  – Jake’s life just got a whole lot more complicated, and it’s up to you to unravel it.

Perseverance Horror Visual Novel

For individuals who are not familiar with visual novels, it’s pretty much as the name suggests – lots of reading. I personally love playing visual novels, so that isn’t daunting to me, but I know visual novels can be quite divisive for players. Throughout the game you can influence Jack’s relationships with those around him through dialogue and action choices. Unlike some visual novels I’ve played, the options are actually pretty diverse, and can significantly influence Jack’s fate. I also really liked the art-style used, it reminded me of the Walking Dead comics, particularly the background’s were very detailed and really added to creating the game’s atmosphere.


Overall my first play through took about 45 minutes, but looking on steam play through times range from 1 hour – 2 hours. I assume that’s for people who went through to unlock all the achievements. I was planning on doing that, but couldn’t find where to ‘skip’ previously seen text and wasn’t keen on continually taping shift. I also noticed a few spelling errors, but they weren’t extreme and didn’t take me out of the game. Another, very small issue, was the little portraits next to text-boxes, I would have liked Jack’s features to be defined a little bit more, I found his eyebrows kind of faded into his face. But like I said, this was a VERY small issue.

Perseverance review Visual Novel

I remember finishing this game and passionately hitting ‘shift’ hoping that another scene would pop up. In just my first playthrough I was hooked on the characters and the story – I wanted to make sure everyone was safe. As I mentioned, the graphics really puts this game to the next level, especially the close-ups of characters really highlights the impact of your decisions. I would have liked a little bit more sound/music in the game, but overall it was a really fun play. Thank you Tap it Games for giving me a review copy of the game.

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Thanks to the wonderful team at Tap It Games, I have 5 copies of ‘Perseverance: Part 1’ to give away! The game will be in the form of a steam key. The giveaway will run from now (the posting of this review) until 9 August 2018 12 am AEST. Once the giveaway has ended 5 people will be emailed to say they have won. You must then email kurosamareviews(at) within 3 days and I will email the steam key to you. If you do not email me within 3 days, I will choose another winner.

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