One Happy Otaku Podcast: Episode 1 – Welcome!


Recently I’ve been inspired to try branch out my blog in different ways. One avenue I’ve played with in the past, and want to pick up again is doing podcasts. I really like talking but unfortunately my three cats don’t really talk back (haha that sounded weird) . I thought it’d be fun to have a fortnightly/ monthly podcast where I discuss what I’ve been reading, watching and playing. Another reason for this is that often some of the series I consume don’t make it onto my blog but I’d still like an avenue to talk about them.

So without further ado, I hope you enjoy my first podcast under the brand ‘One Happy Otaku’! If you have any feedback, I’d really appreciate it 😀

What I talk about:

0:00 – Introduction to the podcast

1:20 – Takeru Sasazuka Route Impressions (Collar x Malice)

5:20 – Nintendo Switch First Impressions

8:40 – Dorehedoro Manga Review

12:50 – New Figurine News

18:05 – Conclusion

Music: http://www.purple-planet.com

13 thoughts on “One Happy Otaku Podcast: Episode 1 – Welcome!

  1. This was really great! You have a wonderful accent, and I am really amazed how strong your voice is. It’s nice that you split up the sections with a small music chime. But wow, you bought a Switch for three games huh? Well I once bough an Xbox just so that I could play Doom 3 lol so I guess I can relate😊 Good luck with these podcasts in the future: I say that you are doing very well 😀😀

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  2. It’s a shame that the otome game is on a platform I don’t have. It sounded so interesting, the way you described it.

    Love your voice, by the way!

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