Taeyoon Kang Review & Walkthrough ~ Flower Boy Athletic High

At last we’re onto our final flower boy! Thank you for your patience as I’ve been making my way through each of the routes. I hope you’ve been finding these walkthroughs useful. For those who have just started their Flower Boy Athletic High Journey, a quick summary! Our MC volunteers as a disciplinary comitteee member to try and boost her grades. She’s asked to look after one of five trouble-making athletes. Each route has 12 episodes, with a date every 3 or so episodes. On top of this, you can read special side stories and epilogues to get a better insight into each guy’s personality and history.

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  • Because I caused this situation
  • I’ll trust you
  • Date – Go out to buy some snacks (Special Illustration)
  • Just the aura of yours?
  • Yes, it’s weird
  • What are you thinking of?
  • Date –  purchase casual outfit (girl) for illustration
  • I’m fine
  • Is Kendo usually like this?
  • Looks great.
  • Date – purchase casual outfit (boy) for illustration
  • I’ll cheer for you
  • You really kept the promise
  • Of course
  • Date – Buy him an ice cream (Special Illustration)
  • I can teach you more.

Please note that just getting the correct answers does not guarantee the good ending. In some routes it will be ok, but in other routes you may need to use gems to buy outfits or special answers to boost affection points. 


Funnily enough Taeyoon’s route was my favourite. He reminded me a lot of Jumin from Mystic Messenger, quiet and awkward but very good natured. The MC was extra cute in this story, I loved how she teased Taeyoon a little bit, it really showed how close they were, and it was never really awkward. During this route I could really feel his love for the MC. I would have liked to know a bit more about him personally, but I suppose that would come from the side stories…which I will unlock one day!