Ask Me Anything ~ Two Happy Cats Turns 3 Soon!


On August 31st, Two Happy Cats will turn 3 years old. I wasn’t really sure how to celebrate it this year. But after a lot of ‘umming and ahing’, I thought it might be fun to do an ‘Ask me Anything’. Nothing is off the table you can ask me anything you want from blogging/SEO tips to my favourite food to…anything else you can think of.

I’ve set up a Survey Monkey that you can submit your questions to! You can choose to be anonymous or put in your username/ blog, so just type in which you’d prefer in the second question.

Ask me Anything over here!

11 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything ~ Two Happy Cats Turns 3 Soon!

  1. Congratulations! And I’ll try to say congratulations again around the 31st!

    Hope to see you around for a good long while!

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