Lake of Voices Review – Who Will Survive the Long Night?

During my February ‘Indie Developer’ Month, I reviewed the demo for GB Patch Games’ ‘Lake of Voices’. In my review, I talked about how excited I was for the game’s release, and I’m happy to announce the full game will be out on the 28 August, and it will be completely free! The GP Patch Games’ team was kind enough to provide me with an early release copy to review it. In the game you play as Kikka, a soldier on a mission to protect a neighbouring village. Unfortunately, Kikka and her companion have to cross a mysterious lake which does everything in its power to tear any travellers to shreds. Over the next two days, it’s your job to not only get Kikka to safety, but also try to protect everyone else!

Quick Info

Where to buy? Free on Steam & from 28 August

Number of Romance Options: 3 males and 1 female

Total Play Time:  ~ 4-5 hours

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The game is a visual novel, so most gameplay is focused around reading and choosing dialogue/ action options. In saying that, the game does have some sections with timed choices, which help players immerse into the urgent atmosphere of the game. These options influence who lives and dies, and perhaps just as importantly, who you will choose to romance/ become close to. I played about 3.7 hours (thanks Steam timer) of the game and managed to complete 18/24 achievements. Some of the endings are a bit ambiguous on whether you got the good or bad ending, but I enjoyed that. The story is meant to be horror and unsettling, I was glad the endings didn’t suddenly turn into sunshine and rainbows. I was also pretty impressed by the numerous ways you could die during the game, at one point I had to close my laptop during a timed choice, and paced around the room weighing the pros and cons of each option.

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I also want to point out how great the music and sound was. It really helped created that mysterious and tense atmosphere of the lake. On top of this, the voice acting was superb. Personally, I found Kikka’s voice to be a bit monotone at places, but during emotional scenes the voice really shone. There are 23 CGS to collect, with 3 special CGs per character. I quite liked the ‘painting’ design of the CGs, especially the Guide’s pictures which were gorgeous! I would have liked a detailed CG of what the monsters looked like, but sometimes I guess it’s more horrifying to use your imagination.

Perhaps my only frustration with the game was a character called ‘Lu’. He’s one of the three romancing options, and I really struggled to connect to his story. Perhaps because the story was very tense, that is, the characters have a limited time to stay on the bridge plus have to keep an eye out for monsters, I had no patience for him. He’d just drag his feet and pull a ‘woe is me’ act. However

Lake of Voices Review Lu

Overall I absolutely adored this game, I can’t wait to go back and finish the other 6 achievements. The characters were strong and memorable, defined by some really great voice acting. Playing through the game, having the weight of other character’s lives on your shoulders was quite an experience, I had to weigh my choices carefully and felt devastated when things went wrong. Definitely make sure to check out this game when it’s released, and get ready to feel many feelings and pray that you keep everyone safe!

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