Two Happy Cats Just Turned 3 Years Old!

Another year has gone by and Two Happy Cats is still here! This year has been a very rough year for me, I’ve been struggling with my health, finding work has been a struggle, and my master’s thesis has been an absolute mess. At one point I was considering deleting my blog, but then realised it was the only positive thing that was happening in my life, so kept working on it. As such, I’ve been able to put out some content I’m really proud of and I hope you all enjoyed reading my posts over the last 365 days.

The Future of Two Happy Cats

Over the last 6 months I’ve been working very hard on my blog, writing 3 or more posts a week. However, now is the time for me to redirect my attention back to my Master’s thesis, as such my post count will be dropping a bit. I am aiming to get out 2 posts per week, which will either be Monday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday. I haven’t decided which yet. I can’t see the content that I put out changing significantly, I’ll definitely continue posting about games, anime, manga and boys love, but I do have some new mediums that I am trying out…

Youtube & Podcast

I’m really excited to announce that I’ve been working on my Youtube channel and a Podcast. First up, my Youtube channel, I’ve been recording my gacha rolls for a game called ‘Uta no Prince-Sama: Shining Live‘, an anime DVD haul and in future plan to show some of the stuff I purchased during my Tokyo trip. I’m certainly not expecting to explode into a big Youtuber, but I thought it would be a fun complement to my blog. If you have a youtube account or google email account you can subscribe to me (I’d super appreciate it)!

I originally started my Podcast out as a fortnightly event, but I think I will dial it back ot once a month. For those who haven’t heard my Podcast before, you can listen to episode 1 over here. Each episode is aimed to be about 20 minutes long where I chat about otaku media I’ve enjoyed but don’t want to write a massive post about! I’ll try to post my podcasts on the 15th of each month. They’re also available on the iTunes podcast app, just search ‘One Happy Otaku’.

Ask Me Anything!

Thank you everyone for the really awesome questions, I had a lot of fun answering these!

Three years is a very long time: Of course congrutalations are in order first! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ As for my question, after three years of blogging what would you say have you learned the most after such a long time 😊😊 –Β Raistlin0903

Thank you!! Without sounding super sappy, I definitely learnt the most about myself. I learnt how well I did under pressure, surprised myself with imaginative post ideas and felt proud of initiatives I took. When you blog, there’s always something new to try or do, and it’s always exciting to see how you’ll grow and learn in new ways.

What anime or manga rekindles your love for the medium? – Takuto

Madoka Magica Love

I was actually going through a bit of an anime burnout in June last year. It was just before I went to Japan too, so I knew I had to pull myself out of it, otherwise I’d regret not going crazy with all my otaku shopping. I kept seeing a youtuber recommend ‘Madoka Magica’, gave it a shot and absolutely fell in love. I know a lot of people go ‘ooh edgy dark magical girl anime’ with it, but honestly I just loved the bonds the girls had with each other.

Are you proud of your blog/ where your blog is at the moment? – Anon

To be honest, I don’t know. There’s a lot of things on my blog I’ve written/ posted that I’m proud of and a lot of opportunities I’ve had that I’m very thankful for. But I can’t stop thinking about the next step, and I guess thinking that way means I’ll never be happy with where I am. It’s been especially bad in the last 3 months where my stats have taken a pretty devastating drop.Β I’m not comparing myself to other bloggers, because I know everyone has their own journey. But there’s a point I want to reach and I genuinely don’t know how to get there and it’s frustrating.

For example, I know of a blogger who has been blogging for over 10 years and recently had the opportunity to work with a Japanese game company in promoting their game. That’s so awesome, and exactly the kind of work I’d love to do. But I have no idea how to jump into that field? Do I just keep plucking away with reviews and posts for the next 7 years? Hoping that someone will notice me?

What aspects of the anime or BL Fandom don’t you like and what would you do to change it? –Β That_Baka_Dale

For the anime fandom, I find there’s a lot of gatekeeping and elitism, a really recent example is with Kim Kardashian. Wait, I’ve got a point, stay with me! In March of this year she dyed her hair pink (like a Darling in the Franxx character) and said she loved anime. And the entire anime community lost its shit, people were saying anime was ruined and she wasn’t a true fan. It was ridiculous. I just honestly think everyone should take a step back and chill, leave people to enjoy what they enjoy (provided it’s not illegal).

Kim K Anime Otaku

For BL Fandom, I really dislike the almost ‘normalisation’ of rape in BL series. I’ve seen people defend it by saying ‘oh the genre isn’t for LGBT people, so it doesn’t matter’. It does matter! It always matter how you represent people. Personally, I’ve tried to help by writing posts that only contain recommendations for BL series that do not contain sexual assault.

If you could bring ALL the characters from one game to the real world, with their same personalities and everything (including monsters, rip humanity, or whatever creature there might be), what game would it be? was it because they are cute or because they could actually make the world a better or worse place? πŸ˜› –Β misshoneybug

RIP humanity indeed, because I’d bring the characters from Danganronpa. Hello Despair! But seriously, I love a majority of the characters in the Danganronpa franchise, and there’s a few in particular I’d do anything to be able to give them a comforting hug and tell them how precious they are.

What inspired your cats’ names? – Anon

Ooh I’ve been wanting to explain this for ages. Ok so Kuro is named after Kurogane from Tsubasa Chronicles, I was obsessed when I was 15/16. Merry and Pippin are named after the characters of the same name from Lord of the Rings, in LOTR they are cousins!

What are some (maybe 5, if you need a limit) of the best cats in anime (in your opinion)? – Arria

Luna Favourite Anime Cat.gif

Ahhh just five!? Hmm ok so straight off the bat is definitely Luna from Sailor Moon, I remember watching her when I was a kid and I always wanted a cat like that. Sadly as I grew older I realised cats don’t talk nor give you super powers. After that is Frosch (Fairy Tail), Nyanko Sensei (Natsume’s Book of Friends), the ugly cat (Ojisan to Neko) and Morgana (Persona 5)!

Over the past three years, what are 3 posts that you are most proud of?Β Jon Spencer Reviews

Ooh this one is a tough one!

  • 5 Anime Blogging Tips – Definitely one of my most popular posts in the community. I was really happy to be able to help and motivate so many other bloggers.
  • Perfect World Manga Review – There’s nothing super special that I did in this post, just really proud I got to share an incredible manga series with other people
  • My Brother’s Husband – My favourite OWLS post I’ve done

Would you ever add more writers to your site? – Anon

As super awesome as that would be, at the moment I can’t see myself being able to. My blog makes VERY little money so I’d never be able to pay them. If anyone would ever like to submit an article to Two Happy Cats, you’re always welcome to, but I can’t afford to pay you. In an ideal world where I could bring someone else on and pay them for their work, I’d love to add more walkthroughs to my blog and keep a steady stream of news updates.

If you could transport yourself into any anime/manga and push one character off a cliff so that the hero/heroine can live a happy, peaceful life, who would it be?Β Krystallina

*SPOILER* for Madoka Magica. Scroll to the next question if you want to avoid.

So 100% I would kick Kyubey off a cliff, I’d be very glad to see that white turd gone.

How does a series make it to your favorites list?Β Scott/Mech Anime Review


Ooh my favourites list is kind of weird, because I have some truly awful series on there and some great ones. For example an all time favourite of mine is ‘Detroit Metal City’, purely because every time I watched I couldn’t stop laughing, but there’s also stuff like ‘Full Metal Alchemist’. It’s hard to put it into words, but my favourite series are always ones where the characters grip me and make me care about them, and/or make me feel happy.

Why doΒ you stop some mobile otome walkthroughs without finishing them? – Anon

Honestly, I get bored and just stop. I know it sucks and I’m really sorry to people who were holding on for my walkthroughs. All the mobile otome walkthroughs I do are covered by at least three other sites, so I know you’re in good hands if I give up and want to focus on something else.

If you could only read one book/watch one series for the rest of your life, which one would you pick and why? –Β Karandi

Luffy Buggy gif

I’m leaning towards One Piece. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll be dead before it ever finishes. I stopped reading it about a year ago, thinking that I’ll just binge-read it once it’s all finished, but the darn thing just keeps going and going! So I’m sure I’ll have non-stop content over the next few decades.

Thank you!

As always, thank you everyone for sticking with my blog over the last few years. I really appreciate it, and your support means everything to me.

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  1. Congrats on the anniversary! Always feels nice to reach a milestone like that, regardless of how “well” you think you’re doing at the time. And, as you rightly say, something like a blog can provide some much-needed focus during tough times — heaven knows I’ve used my writing for such purposes on numerous occasions!


  2. Congratulations on the anniversary and thanks for the thoughtful answers. It was really great seeing your responses to the questions.
    Agreed that One Piece feels like it will just keep going forever, though I guess eventually the writer will have enough.

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  3. Congrats on your anniversary! People never realize how quickly time flies in the world of blogging, and even more so, how hard it is to reach those milestones at the same time. There are so many people who get upset by not getting results or as much engagement as other people. So happy 3 years! Wishing you many more happy years of blogging πŸ™‚ xxx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

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  4. I’m so glad you didn’t delete your blog! Would have missed you way too much! Congratulations again on this milestone, and thanks for all the answers to these questions! Enjoyed reading them, and can’t wait to see what the next 3(0??) years will bring! Happy blogging! 😊😊

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  5. Congratulations! I didn’t realize our blogs were so close in age (only a month or so apart!).

    I’m looking forward to see where your creativity takes you in the future!

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  6. Congrats blogging sister for 3 years were same amount of time for blogging hehe. Your doing so well a youtube and podcast you’ll turn into me next doing so many things yay lol


  7. Three years is an amazing milestone! I’m so sorry to hear that this year has been a stressful one, but that’s all the more reason to feel proud for persisting with your blog! It might not be where you want it to be yet (though from where I’m sitting it looks like you’re doing great), but don’t forget to reflect on how far you’ve come!

    On a wildly different note, I’m playing Danganronpa 2 right now! Who’s your favourite character from the franchise?


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