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He & My Dangerous Life – Chad Walkthrough

Hello! Early last week a new mobile boys love game was released on the google play store by Hituzigumo. Hituzigumo have previously released games with companies like Dogenzaka Labs, so the art style will be familiar to otome fans who play their games on Steam. In the game you play as Hinata, a  Japanese student who has moved to New York for university. But the unimaginable happens when Hinata’s enrolment is given to a doppelgänger and he is scammed out of his apartment. It’s only then that he learns he’s stepped into a dark and insidious underworld.

Thoughts on the Game

I put this before the walkthrough because I have a whole lot to say about this game! The game has been released in Japanese on Steam, but for this English mobile translation they’ve partnered with Genius Inc. In pretty much every Genius Inc game I’ve played, which has been translated from Japanese, I’ve always commented on the pretty shoddy translation – and this game is no exception. To be brutally brunt, the translation has butchered a pretty interesting game. I didn’t quite get the premise until about half-way through the game, and most of the time couldn’t really understand the nuances with Chad’s role and the random characters that popped up.

Onto a super frustrating aspect, even though I unlocked both the happy and good ending – there were no special ending CGs! Like WHAT!? When you start the game it says you can use ‘rubies’ for affection bonuses and unlock special pictures, but I never got one picture from the rubies. The only image I received was around Chapter 10, it popped up for about a second and then disappeared, no image gallery to view it, no way to go back in time, the CG was gone forever.

A random side note, I found Chad to be really creepy. In episode 1 he offers Hinata to stay with him the night and then pretty much tries to attack him while he sleeps. Not sure if this was a scene that got lost in translation or if it was meant to be so icky. Anyway to sum up, this will be the only walkthrough I will be doing for this game, unless there is a crazy amount of interest for walkthroughs for the other guys.

Our YAOI house chad


If it has an asterix next to it, it means I did not use rubies to answer

Chapter 1

  • Brush it off
  • Push him away*

Chapter 2

  • Say honestly
  • Pretend to be asleep*

Chapter 3

  • But..!*
  • Support Chad

Chapter 4

  • Because you’re so strong, Chad.
  • Get out of bed*

Chapter 5

  • Go to sleep*
  • Look up.

Chapter 6

  • Accept Chad
  • I AM angry*

Chapter 7

  • For what?*
  • I don’t want to be in the way.

Chapter 8

  • Will you tell me eventually?
  • Try to get away from there*

Chapter 9

  • Thank you
  • Hesistate*

Chapter 10

  • I’ll get dressed myself
  • Wh- where are you planning to kiss me? *I used rubies to answer*

Chapter 11

  • That’s right *
  • You just watch.
  • Leave it to Chad
  • Did you say something?*

Chapter 12 – Happy Ending

  • I’m imagining it*

Chapter 12 – Good Ending

  • Freeze*

If you skipped my big rant above. Just a quick sum up, Chad is the only walkthrough I will be doing unless there is a big demand for the other boys!

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    1. Thank you for your message! Ahh I really want to play Brad’s story too but it’s so hard to get through this story ;_; !! I won’t make any promises on doing a walkthrough as I’ve got October and November blog posts planned but hopefully I’ll get to it someday!


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