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My Otome Localisation Wish List – Let There Be Ikemen!

The last year has been a pretty incredible one for Otome fans. We had the Aksys’ ‘Summer of Mystery’ which saw the release of three otome games, and a number of exciting localisation confirmations like ‘London Detective Mystery’ (XSEED) and ‘Steam Prison’ (MangaGamer). Besides general logistics and their relationship with the company over in Japan, localisation companies look to fan  when deciding what to pick up next. After all, they gotta please us fans so we’ll actually go out and buy the games! So in the storm that is otome localisation suggestions, I thought I’d throw in my own wish list of games I’d love to be able to play one day.

Collar x Malice Unlimited

Collar x Malice unlimited

In September last year, it was announced that Collar x Malice would be receiving a fan disc. For those who haven’t heard the term ‘fan disc’ before you can kind of think of it like an epilogue to the main story, and will also include an extra romance-able character. Unfortunately, nearly a year on, Aksys Games have made no announcement that they would localise this fan disc. To be honest, I reckon the chances of it being localised are pretty darn high. The game was one of the companies’ highest selling Vita games – localisation the fan disc is pretty much guaranteed money!

Ken Ga Kimi

Ken Ga Kimi translation

I was first introduced to this series through its music! I stumbled across some tracks on Youtube and instantly was hooked. The game itself is set in Edo Japan, a young woman is asked to take the princess’ place in a marriage promenade. Ferocious demons, legendary swords and…six handsome bodyguards, how will our heroine fair on her journey? The game looks absolutely stunning, and again the music! Seriously, go have a listen to it! Unfortunately, I’ve heard internet rumours that the developers of this game (Rejet) have a very negative view of Western otome fans. As such, I doubt we’ll see this game localised anytime soon – but hey, a girl can dream!

Jooubachi no Oubou

Jooubachi no Oubou translation wish

Yes, before anybody asks, this is the bee game. The bee kingdom is divided, since two successors to the throne had been born. You can play as each successor during the game, trying to ensure your survival and eventual queenship over the kingdom. This game has an almost infamous status amongst reviewers online, with its dark themes, gore and just general weirdness. I’d just love to have the chance to play such a whacky game. The game is also R18+ and you can never have too many of those floating around!

Kenka Bancho

Kenka Banchou Otome

In 2016, Spike Chunsoft made a Twitter poll asking fans which game that’d like to see localised next. The winner, with 38% of votes was an otome game called Kenka Bancho. The game follows a young girl who has to take her brother’s place at a school  of delinquents. As if that wasn’t hard, she’s got the almighty task of bringing them under her control. The game sounds incredible, and having watched the anime I really want to experience the story for myself. But, 2 years on, and we’ve had no news of any such localisation. Many fans have speculated that there’s been some hold up behind the scenes, or its been cancelled entirely. But I won’t give up hope, and instead will strap myself in for the presumably long wait.

KLAP!! Kind Love & Punishment

KLAP kind love and punishment localisation wish.jpg

Yamashiro Koyomi has always wanted to be a teacher, but she just seems not to have the knack for it. But she’s been given the chance to work at a school for Ayakashi, literally whipping them into shape!  While the game is supposedly not as smutty as the description sounds, it does seem pretty unique and definitely something I’d like to try out. I actually bought this game when I was in Japan second-hand. Anytime I want to give up on my Japanese studies I just look at it, unplayed in my desk drawer and get motivated again.

Binary Star

Binary Star otome localisation

Binary Star was released in Japan way back in 2014 by Idea Factory. In the future, a place called the ‘Cloud’ is struggling with its war on drugs. A group calling themselves the Tenshi (or Angels), fight to help those suffering from addiction and  put away drug dealers. Our heroine, Sorano Fuu, has just joined the Tenshi, and the game follows her and her team mates as she delves deeper into the underground world. The games graphics are perhaps not my absolute favourite, but I’m really entranced by the story. It’s always interesting to find a game which tackles real world issues without just being all lovey-dovey romance.


There’s a bunch more games I could have put on my list, but I didn’t want to create an actual book. There’s so many really interesting and fun otome games in Japan, hopefully, we’ll continue to see some really fantastic localisations in the coming years. As I mentioned above, localisation companies do take note of the requests that fans have. So, if there’s a game you’re absolutely dying to play, make sure to send them a message! I hope you all enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments what games you’d like to see localised!

2 thoughts on “My Otome Localisation Wish List – Let There Be Ikemen!

  1. Awesome list! Mine includes Jooubachi and KLAP too and ofc CxM Unlimited, though I have doubts on the latter getting localized. Our only shining hope is if Japan announces a CxM Switch port for both the original game and FD in one. There’s going to be a CxM event this October so chances are (perhaps) high on the switch port happening. Then again, these are only rumors circling ’round the otome community. ^_^


  2. I just bought Binary Star since it seems like no one is going to pick it up. Same as you, I was intrigued by the fantasy-yet-all-too-real plot. But I’m hoping for Yunohana Spring and Clock Zero now that Switch ports have been announced. Those were toward the top of my wish list.


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