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Cerberus Walkthrough ~ Ninja Shadow : Shall We Date?

Yesterday, on Instagram, I asked followers if there was a game they wanted to see a walkthrough for on Two Happy Cats. Quite a few people responded asking for Ninja Shadow walkthroughs. I’ve always been eyeing the game, but have never really had a chance to play it. The art style is very different to other Shall We Date games, and I’ve heard it’s a bit risqué – so it sounds right up my alley! Since I’ve never played the game before, I figured I’d start with the newest route – Cerberus.

Ninja Shadow Cerberus Walkthrough

I hope you guys find this walkthrough helpful / interesting. Let me know in the comments if there’s any other walkthroughs you’d like to see on Two Happy Cats 🙂

Haku Walkthrough Over Here


Thank you Mahindra & Amanda!

Chapter 1

  • 1.01 – Rush to his side (Best)
  • 1.05  – Tell him not to let people see it (Best)
  • Checkpoint – 100 Talent-n-skill points

Chapter 2

  • 2.02 – Try finding him another task (Best)
  • 2.04 – Ask Cerberus how he feels about it (Best)
  • Checkpoint – Premium (?? gems) vs. Normal (4 gem/ 600 coins)

Chapter 3

  • 3.02 – Wish him luck (Best)
  • 3.06 –  I guess so (Best)

Chapter 4

  • Checkpoint – 1100 Talent-n-Skills
  • 4.02  – Why do you say that? (Best)
  • 4.04 – Make the first move (Best)

Chapter 5

  • 5.02 – (Cerberus might get into trouble.) (Best)
  • Checkpoint – Premium (35 gems) vs. Normal (25 gems/ 2000 coins)
  • 5.05 – Accept their invitation (Best)

Chapter 6

  • 6.02 – Plead with Cerberus to let go (Best)
  • 6.05 – Struggle to wake him more peacefully (Best)

Chapter 7

  • Checkpoint – 4400 Talent-n-Skills
  • 7.03  – Remain quiet for Cerberus’ sake (Best)
  • 7.06 – Meet the thread with my chain and sickle (Best)

Chapter 8

  • 8.02 -Back up Cerberus (Best)
  • 8.04 – I don’t mind… (Best)
  • Checkpoint – Premium (85 gems) vs. Normal (50 gems/ 4000 coins)

Chapter 9

  • 9.02 – Express my relief that no one was hurt (Best)
  • 9.06 – Accept his kind offer (Best)

Chapter 10

  • Checkpoint – 10,000 Talent-n-skills
  • 10.01 – I’m glad to hear that (Best)
  • 10.03 – Tell him I don’t mind talking about it (Best)

Chapter 11

  • 11.02  – Tell him to give up the weapons (Best)
  • 11.05 –  Encourage him to finish eating first (Best)
  • Checkpoint – Premium (100 gems) vs. Normal (70 gems/8800 coins)

Chapter 12

  • 12.02 – Agree
  • Checkpoint – 16,300 Talent-n-skills
  • 12.04 – Ask him to tell me about it someday


Done and dusted! Thank you everyone who stuck with me during the walkthrough. As this was my first play through, I had a bit of trouble getting through pretty much all the checkpoints. I had no coins saved up to buy items and no recovery items. I did enjoy the route, it was very tense and exciting. But, a lot of Cerberus’ character treated reminded me of Frederick from Lost Alice. Although, I suppose there’s not much you can do with to change up a ‘sleepy’ character.

Let me know in the comments what you thought of this route :)!

13 thoughts on “Cerberus Walkthrough ~ Ninja Shadow : Shall We Date?

    1. Ooh yes I can understand that! It does get a tad frustrating playing only a few chapter and then stopping for about a day to wait for tickets to replenish! Voltage games are really good for buying stories outright!

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  1. I’m sitting anxiously at the next answer, terrified to make a bad decision! I know I should help…. I’m just too emotionally involved in this series that I’ve become paralyzed!

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  2. Chapter 4- “why do you say that?” Best
    “Make the first move” Best
    Chapter 5- “what about Cerberus, will he get in trouble” I forgot the exact wording, but it’s pretty obvious when you get to it.
    -“Accept their invitation” basically.
    I swear I’ve got the memory of a goldfish.

    Props to littlemisfits, not me!

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  3. The next two best answers are: (to the best of my “goldfish memory”.

    Plead with Cerberus to let go

    Struggle to wake him more peacefully


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