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Yarichin☆Bitch-bu (Yarichin Bitch Club) Anime Review

On 21 September, the third volume of Ogeretsu Tanaka’s ‘Yarachin Bitch Club’ was released with a special anime episode, the first of three. The episode has been the source of a lot hype within the fujoshi community. Unfortunately an English version has yet to be confirmed (even with just subtitles). So I put on my Japanese study hat, and watched the episode completely in Japanese with no subtitles. I’m at about an N4 level and can say I understood about 60-70% of it, also adding in that I’ve read the manga so had an idea of what was going on.

Takashi Tōno and Yuu Kashima Yarichin Anime
Yuu : Look at me I’m a ‘top’! Toono (sarcastically): Oh, that’s great(!)

Onto the story! Takashi Toono has just moved from Tokyo and entered a remote high school. He decides to join the school’s photography club, cause hey, snapping a few pics after school sounds super relaxing? Unfortunately for him, the school’s photography club has a well-known secret, they actually masquerade as the school’s sex club, nicknamed the ‘Yarichin Bitch Club’. Introduced to a colourful club of seniors, and struggling with his budding crush of classmate, Yaguchi, poor Toono has his hands full!

Yarichin Bitch Club anime Yuri Ayato.png

Yuri Ayato Yurichin Bitch-Bu manga
Would you believe me if I told you this is supposed to be a romantic scene?

For fans of the manga, it’s really exciting to see various scenes brought to life. I especially adored the animation and voice acting behind Ayato Yuri. I couldn’t understand a word he was saying, but god I loved it every time he opened his mouth. He was just as crazy as I imagined him, but his larger-than-life personality is hard to translate with still images. Seeing his animated movements was crazy fun.

Potential fans who haven’t checked out the manga will still enjoy watching the episode. It can pretty much act as an introduction to the series and characters. But it doesn’t go much deeper than that, so it can feel a tad superficial. Overall, I’d estimate the episode covers about 60% of the first 6 chapters.

Also just a quick note about the ‘sexy time’ scenes’,  they are quite graphic, but, at the same time not? There’s lots of skin, moans and whatnot but the series also has a bad case of lightsaber dick. Actually, not even lightsaber, whenever a mushroom appears a giant white ball covers it. So maybe it’d be apt to say a sun dick? But I’d still not recommend watching this series with your bedroom door open or when your parents are home!

Takashi Toono Yarichin Bitch Club anime

Takashi Toono Yarichin Bitch Club manga flower

I had a lot of fun watching this episode. I do hope it opens the ‘flood gates’, so to speak, for more of Ogeretsu’s works to be adapted into anime. Yarichin seems to  work really well as a short OVA series. But, while there’s nothing wrong with Yarichin, Ogeretsu has some other works whose adaptations would be even more exciting to see, like ‘Lonely to Organdy’ or ‘Neon Sign Amber’. Fingers crossed these happen sometime in the future!

Let me know in the comments what you thought of the episode!

P.S. I loved finding this comparison pics so here’s one more!


Yaguchi blushing manga Yarichin Bitch Club

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