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London Detective Mysteria Demo Review

Just three months ago, XSEED games announced their plans to localise otome game ‘London Detective Mysteria’. The game, by Karin Entertainment, was first released in 2013 for the Playstation Portable. The game is set in the late 18th century where you play as the heiress to the noble House Whitley. Through a series of unfortunate events, you are asked to join a Detective school where you will learn crime-busting skills while also falling in love with one of the other dashing men that attend. A demo for the game was released today (25 September) showcasing the game’s prologue.

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Quick Info

Release Date: 18 December 2018 (PS Vita)

Consoles: Playstation and Computer

Number of Routes: Five male ‘destined’ routes, and two ‘charmed’ routes (one male and one female).

Demo Play Time: The demo was the game’s prologue and took about thirty minutes to read

London Detective Mysteria otome game

The game opens with you attending a birthday party for Queen Victoria. Tragedy strikes when her pet cat (a gift from the King of Siam) runs away. The game is a visual novel, but the prologue didn’t feature any action/dialogue choices. According to the offical website there will also be some fun features like voice saving, and timed choices. I am hoping that in the full game you can choose ways to investigate or even just choose inferences based on evidence. I was a little frustrated in the demo were some things were a tad obvious to me as the player, but I had to click through a scene of dialogue before our MC put two and two together.

To be very honest, when I first saw the game I was not 100% sold on the character art style. Playing the demo, I found at times character sprites looked very ‘washed out’, for example Lestrard’s character sprite looks so grey he could be the walking dead. The CGs are quite nice, nothing super special but I particularly love the one pictured below. What really stood out to me art-wise was the detail in the background. I’ve been lucky enough to actually visit Buckingham palace, and the background in the second picture made me feel like I was back standing there. I can’t wait to see what other places are brought to life throughout the game.

London Detective Mysteria Otome Cats

Character-wise I have to say I adored the MC. As a member of nobility she’s expected to act and speak in a certain way, but its contrary to her laidback and perhaps little rough personality. I immediately fell in love with Watson, he was such a sweetheart, and grabbed my attention from his first smile. I will be interested to see how the game develops Holmes’ character, at the moment it seems to be a re-run of the typical ‘I’m-so-smart’ BBC Sherlock. We will have to wait for the full game to be introduced to the other three love interests. I’m a little sad that Ralph (the butler) isn’t included in the romaceable list, he’s such a cutie.

Overall, I was really impressed by the game’s translation. The XSEED translator has set up a blog section to the game’s website where she talks about the work she does, and it’s such an interesting read! For example she wrote about how she wanted to keep the ‘British’ feel of the game and had to research how to write in Victorian English. While I played, I really noticed how all those little details, made a big difference.

This game is XSEED’s first foray into the world of otome, and they’ve chosen quite a fun game to take their first step. I’m really glad they released a demo to give fans a teaser of what the story will be like. It’s definitely caught my attention and I will be supporting this game when it comes out

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  1. Brittany does an amazing job on localisation, and she’s super-stoked about this project. Glad to hear the demo caught your attention — I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product!


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