MangaGamer’s First Original Title! – Koropokkur in Love

Localisation and publishing company, MangaGamer has just released their own original visual novel. ‘Koropokkur in Love ~A Little Fairy’s Tale~’ is a romantic-comedy with fantasy elements. The story focuses on a female fairy called Asirrera, who becomes entranced with the human world and ventures out to explore it. She slowly adjusts to human life after meeting maid cafe owner, Satoru, and even begins to fall in love. Throw in two other colourful characters, and some maid outfits and you’ve yourself an adorable looking game!

Asirrera, Cirta and Haruante

The game first came onto the VN scene in March 2018 when it was  launched on Kickstarter. Over its funding period, it raised over $35,000 with 632 backers. Featuring art from Itaru Hinoue (CLANNAD and Kanon) and music from Funczion SOUNDS (SWAN SONG), it’s a pretty impressive debut project.  The game’s release also includes dual language support (English and Japanese) and can be played on Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

The game is currently available on the MangaGamer site for $14,95, a Steam release will be out tomorrow over here.

This post contains an affiliate link.



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