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Just Finished Mystic Messenger? Here’s 5 Mobile Otome To Play Next!

Over the last few months, one of the biggest questions I receive on my social media accounts is – “What are some good mobile otome games to play after Mystic Messenger?”. The popularity of Mystic Messenger has really brought a lot of fresh faces into the otome community. Like many of you, it was my first otome game, I had no clue about the genre before playing it and honestly was surprised by how quickly I got sucked into it. So the good news is, there’s a massive selection of otome games out there for you to play. The bad news? Mystic Messenger is actually pretty special, and not all of them are going to be as great as it is.

I’ve previously worked with the amazing Myxprint from Blah-Bidy-Blah on our top 10 favourite mobile otome routes. So I thought this time, I’d give recommendations based on the different aspects of Mystic Messenger that fans seem to enjoy!

If you enjoyed the unique game mechanics…

Liar! voltage walkthrough

Liar! Uncover the truth‘ is one of my all time favourite otome games. The game has three different routes, where you play as three different women trying to sort out their one true love from a bunch of nasty liars. The game mechanics are quite unique as it is a perfect blend of dating sim and puzzle solver. You collect clues by screenshotting social media posts or taking pictures of items. The game is quite long, but definitely worth the time invested.

Golden Hour Matcha Studios Demo Review

While the game isn’t technically out yet,  I thought I’d mention it anyway.  ‘Golden Hour‘ is a dating sim is based in Manila where you play as a student who has just started at a new high school. The games mechanics have the social media aspect of Mystic Messenger, working like Facebook with posts by other students, comments and a messaging system. When the games’ routes start releasing in November this year, it will be completely free-to-play, for the moment you can check out their demo which features 2 days worth of content.

Miraclr Divine Dating Sim Review

For those who want to experience a text-based chat game like Mystic Messenger, ‘Miraclr: Divine Dating Sim‘ is your go-to. The game is available on both computer and phone devices, but only free on mobile. In the game you are chosen as a representative of humankind and must work with one angel to create a brand new miracle. Since you can’t head to heaven and the angels are too busy to travel to earth everyday, you communicate with an app. The game goes over seven days, with chat message whether individual or group are timed to morning, afternoon and evening. There’s a bunch of fun twists and turns with this game, and all the angels are great fun!

If you enjoyed the attention…

Love Tangle M

Who doesn’t love being the focus of a gorgeous harem? In Shall We Date’s Love Tangle‘ you play as a successful animal researcher who begins living in a house with a bunch of gorgeous guys. Each route you play has two characters you can focus on, branching into each of their routes at around the half way mark. But for those first four chapters, both guys will be fighting earnestly to earn your love and affection!

If you enjoyed the drama…

Day7 is an otome studio based in Korea, they tend to release a new game every 4-6 months. But one that really stuck out to me is ‘Love Signal: D-Mate‘. In the game you play as an AI who spends time with one of six guys to learn about the world and gain personality traits. Some routes in the game are very light and fluffy but others are very dark and even violent. One route is particular brought tears to my eyes as I desperately wished for everything to end with ‘happily ever after’.  If you want drama and a few twists this is the game for you!



I hope you enjoyed my little recommendation list. For anyone who is scratching their heads, wondering why I haven’t included any of the Ikemen series, for some reason I’ve never really taken to them. Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to properly sit down and play them one day.

If you have any recommendations of your own please let me know in the comments.


Community Recommendations

  • Lotte’s Forest – Abracadabra Inc: Play as a young girl thrown into a fantasy world. The game has the most gorgeous artwork I’ve seen in any otome game, getting the ‘best’ ending can be a little difficult though!  Recommended by Rabiunorosa 

9 thoughts on “Just Finished Mystic Messenger? Here’s 5 Mobile Otome To Play Next!

  1. While I’m not into mobile gaming, I really enjoyed this post and seeing your reasons for recommending some of the games. It actually made me want to try a couple of them. Thanks very much for sharing.

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  2. Miraclr is one hell of a game. It felt toooo real like I cried my eyes out when it ended lmao. Didn’t have the heart to start over with another angel. I’ll stick with Lucifer’s route for now.

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    1. It is!! If you get a chance to replay it, there’s a special secret route that I think you’ll love if you enjoyed Lucifer’s route. It was incredible.


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