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Reimei no Gauken Kickstarter Ending Soon!

Indie developer Raikon Kitsune Arts has an absolutely stunning upcoming otome game. ‘Reimei no Gakuen’  follows a group called the ‘Shin’, people with a mysterious power whose use brings great misfortune upon them. Now, a select few of these Shin have come together to uncover the secrets of their powers at Aurora Academy. You play as a young female Shin called ‘Sheryl Shiganori’ who has mastered her powers and is considered one of the strongest Shin. The game features 6 love interests, each with their own very unique personality, from the harsh Student President to the lazy troublemaker. Each love interest will have 2 endings, and there will also be 2 common route endings.

I haven’t had a chance to play the demo but from the campaign I’ve been really impressed by the art and music. The music reminds me of an anime theme song (think Tsubasa Chronicles) and fits the game so well!


If you’re interested in trying out the demo you can download it over here! The demo is the first 2 hours of the planned 70+ hours. If you loved the demo, also make sure to check out the game’s kickstarter. The kickstarter will end in 4 days, and while the goal is already reached, it’ll be exciting to see those stretch goals unlocked.