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Band Camp Boyfriend Demo & Kickstarter are Live!

Yep, that is right, I have another exciting Indie otome game to share with you all! ‘Band Camp Boyfriend’ is the first game from indie developers Lovebird Game Studios. The game follows drum major, Cadence who, along with a new band director, aim to whip their school’s band into shape! To get the passion and creativity flowing, the band heads on a camp where friendships will be made, love will flourish and the band’s fate decided once and for all. The game will ultimately feature 7 romantic routes, 20 endings and nearly 30 CGs.

Unfortunately, I’ve been really sick the last few weeks and will be going on hiatus soon, so I haven’t had a chance to play the demo. But it’s definitely a game that has caught my eye, I remember being in high school and seeing my friends go off on band camp and always wondering what happened on those overnight trips! The only thing is, now that I’m getting older, I tend to shy away from playing dating sims with younger protagonists and romantic interests. For example one of the romantic routes is  a character who is 15 years old (the youngest of the 7), and it’s definitely a route I would skip. But it’s important to note that the game will not be featuring any sexual elements,

If you enjoyed the preview video and the game sounds up your alley, you can try out the demo of the game over here. The demo covers the first few days in the game. If you loved the demo, check out their Kickstarter! There’s about a fortnight left with some really cool backer rewards.