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Gilbert Rance Walkthrough ~ Lost Alice: Shall We Date?

For the last few days, Shall we Date has been teasing the release of a brand new trio. Today, Gilbert Rance has been released, coinciding with the end of Neil’s early bird revival. Less than 12 hours ago they teased he would be released in 24 hours and here he is! I’m not quite sure what’s happening with their release system, I know quite a few people complained about the surprise release of Love Tangle’s latest duo.


But, back to Gilbert! The role of Gilbert is stated on the Facebook page as being the ‘Griffon’ or ‘Knight of the Sky’. He’s described as a “sincere person and a gentleman.,.he can be treated as [a] silly character”. So I’m guessing someone who is quite proper and serious but is a tad clumsy?

Super early bird – 17 October Early bird – 30 October

Gilbert Rance Shall we Date

A quick note about the teaser for another Alice’. I’ve seen some people online speculate with the new trio that it will also mean a new Alice (as in new female Alice to play) due to this promotion. But I have a feeling the ‘other Alice’ that it’s referring to is Allen Brood, who is described as the ‘other’ Alice in this Facebook post. The post also describes the series as being called ‘Another Alice’ just like Dino’s trio was called the ‘Underground’.  Although to be honest, I wouldn’t mind having a one trio as a BL route where you play as Allen (huhu)!

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Chapter 1

  •  1.05 – I suppose I should feel fortunate (Best)
  • Checkpoint  – Gilbert’s body (1 lapis)
  • 1.08 – You don’t like these roles do you? (Best)

Chapter 2

  • 2.03 – You don’t seem happy about that… (Best)
  • 2.06  – At least no one was hurt (Best)
  • Checkpoint – 50 Sugar Points

Chapter 3

  • 3.01 – What does he mean by return? (Best)
  • 3.07 – You seem to enjoy flying (Best)
  • Checkpoint – Premium (30 lapis) vs. Normal (20 lapis/ 3600 coins)

Chapter 4

  • 4.02 – And you’re so high and mighty?  (Best)
  • 4.07  – You should rest too (Best)

Chapter 5

  • 5.01 – They have a rather calming effect (Best)
  • Checkpoint – 8100 Sugar Points
  • 5.08 – I hold my silence (Best)

Chapter 6

  • 6.02 – Thank you, Darius (Best)
  • 6.07 – Don’t call me that. (Best)

Chapter 7

  • 7.02 – Thanks Darius (Best)
  • Checkpoint – 12200 Sugar Points
  • 7.07 – Have I done something to offend him? (Best)

Chapter 8

  • Checkpoint – Premium (50 lapis) vs. Normal (35 lapis / 7500 coins)
  • 8.05 – Don’t you think it’s important to be prepared (Best)
  • 8.07 – He’s kind (Best)

Chapter 9

  • 9.02 – I enjoy your lessons, Gil (Best)
  • Checkpoint – 20400 Sugar Points
  • 9.07 – I have my doubts (Best)

Chapter 10

  • 10:03 – I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me (Best)
  • 10.05 – He’s very smart (Best)
  • Checkpoint – Premium (80 lapis) vs. Normal (70 lapis/ 8200 coins)

Chapter 11

  • 11.01- That’s not very nice (Best)
  • Checkpoint – 31600 Sugar Points

Chapter 12

Chapter 13


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