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MangaGamer is Back with Another Massive Sale!

Over the next 7 days, MangaGamer is hosting a ‘Moe Day Sale’ for over 30 of their titles. The sale includes yuri, otome, boys love and (of course) moege. It seems with every sale that MangaGamer does the prices just keep getting cheaper. In their June Boys Love sale, Hadaka Shitsuji had a 25% discount but now it’s 40%! Also ‘Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome’ was discounted for 20% off in March and now it’s also 40% off! Anyway, enough gushing, let’s get into what’s on sale!

Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome

Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku review

A quick synopsis/ review for those who haven’t read my full review! In the game you play as gloomy high school student Ema Tachibana who is scouted by two guys who want to make her into a fashion model. The game is MangaGamer’s first R18 otome, but you can switch the sexy scenes off in the menu if you want. It’s quite a fun game, with lots of great laughs and I enjoyed the characters. I did mention in my review I wasn’t a fan of Ema’s voice actress, but I guess that comes down to personal taste. The game is usual $24.95 but it’s currently discounted to be $14.97you can buy it here.



I haven’t played OZMAFIA!! but have always been tempted to from the good reviews it has received. Although, I’ve heard people say that the heroine is very passive and is quite infuriating throughout the game,  The game seems to be inspired by the ‘Wizard of Oz’ as our heroine works with three guys to find someone to grant their wish. Unlike the previous otome game, this one does not have any R18 scenes.  It’s currently 50% off, down to $17.48. You can purchase it over here.

Hadaka Shitsuji

Hadaka Shitsuji Review Komine CG

You can expect some craziness from a game whose name translates as ‘Naked Butlers’. You play as a young man offered a crazy job – house sit at a mansion for a month and get paid $300/day. But having complete control over the house’s butlers goes to our protagonist’s head, and things get very naughty very fast. I mentioned in my Boys Love sale post that I’m not a big fan of this game. It’s quite graphic and not for the faint of heart. I’d recommend checking out a let’s play or something before buying it, just to make sure it’s your cup of tea! The game is on sale from $35 to $20.97, you can buy it over here!

No, Thank You!!

No thank you haru and hiroyuki CG

After saving someone from a car crash, Haru looses his memory and can’t even remember where he lives. Luckily, the guy he saved is quite thankful to his saviour and invites Haru to work at his bar/ detective agency, as well as provides accomodation. The game plays like any visual novel but with a fun addition. The use of the ‘no, thank you!’ button can force Haru into action and drastically change the game. I’ve done about 2 routes our of 4 and have been really enjoying the game…especially the body hair toggle on and off. Anywho, the game is 50% off, sitting at a nice $19.97. You can buy it over here.


Thanks for reading, I hope everyone enjoys their new shopping spree!

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