Two Happy Cats is Going on Hiatus

Hi everyone, some sad news but I will be going on blogging hiatus from today onwards. I’m not entirely sure how long the hiatus will go, but latest until mid-December.  A combination of burnout, health issues and study commitments have prompted this. I also want to take a break from some social media, mainly Twitter as I can scroll on that for hours and I really need to sit down and do some study! So, for now, best bet to contact me for anything urgent will be my email address which you can find on my contact me page. Overall, I figured it would be best to take a break so when I get back I’l have some new and exciting content to share.

At this stage, I’m unsure if I will continue to post walkthroughs and news articles throughout my hiatus. I guess it really depends if I’m feeling up to it. But, there definitely won’t be any reviews or feature articles during this hiatus period besides those I’ve already written, scheduled or promised.

So to sum up:

What can you expect for the rest of October 

  • Special end of month post I’ve planned
  • Collaboration post with a special blogger 😍
  • Unboxing video and post

What can you expect for November

  • Podcast – Japan trip edition! (released late November)
  • Special interview
  • Special end of month post I’ve planned

What may show up: 


30 thoughts on “Two Happy Cats is Going on Hiatus

  1. Have a restful and relaxing break! The burnout modern life brings is REAL, and it’s good to get away from everything every so often. Particularly social media; it can often be exhausting and mentally draining, with no real benefits. So when that happens it’s good to take some time off.

    Hope you have a good break and I’m sure everyone will be looking forward to your return 🙂

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  2. Sorry to see you go: but I think it’s a very wise decision. I hope you will be able to find some much needed rest and work things out. Take care, and we all will be here awaiting your return😀😊😊

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