Kawaii Box Review – October 2018 Unboxing!

Long time readers of the blog will know that I have a slight obsession with subscription boxes. They’re almost the perfect way to buy a gift for yourself – you get some cool items and a surprise! However, living in Australia a lot of the really fantastic subscription boxes are a bit outside of my price range, shipping can really put a damper on anything. That’s when I discovered Kawaii Box, $20 USD/ month including free shipping! Past boxes showed that there were between 8-10 items per box, all of which are promised to be from Japan. Sold, I used a $5 off coupon I had found online and awaited my order.

A quick timeline

  • Ordered: 26 September
  • Notice of Shipment: 2 October
  • Arrived: 17 October

Kawaii Box Halloween Kawaii

As promised, in my box I received 10 items, and in my video I calculated it to be about $30 AUD of value.  One really fantastic aspect of the box is that all the character items they have are officially licensed, which I really appreciate! This box’s theme was ‘Kawaii Halloween’, but looking at the items I struggle to connect to the theme. Don’t get me wrong, I like about 70% of everything I got, it just wasn’t the spooky cute crate I was hoping for. The only Halloween themed items are the squishy, the sticker pack and the snack. But besides that theme disconnect, I thought a majority of the items were adorable and useful.

What I Loved

Kawaii Halloween ghost

My favourite items from the box are definitely the ghost squishy and the compact mirror. I’ve actually wanted a squishy for a very long time, but could not justify paying $5 + for something I wasn’t sure would hold my interest for very long. So I was really glad when I got one in the box, especially since it was a ghost and very spooky! I can’t wait to use it as a stress release when I study for my exams.

The compact mirror is really good quality, a little heavy but not awfully so. I also found the cat design super adorable, so I’ll definitely be putting it in my handbag for when I go out.

What I Didn’t

KawaiiBox October 2018

In my video I made a comment about how I was really disappointed about the stationery set because it seemed like something you’d give a kid. After I made the video I went to watch some other unboxing videos and lo-and-behold a lot of kids buy this box!  So, knowing that, I’m perhaps not so shocked that this set was in the box, but still a bit disappointed. I would have much preferred a gel pen or two instead of the set, just something of a bit higher quality that I can actually use. On a smaller note, in the video when I pulled this box out it was already opened, I’m sure it was just a mistake but it made me feel a little weird about it!

The snack was a bit odd for me, like they just threw it in to have one more Halloween item. Speaking of Halloween themed items, I’m not a big fan of the stickers. I mean, they’re alright, but I had a look at the ‘Blippo’ store that Kawaii Box works with and they have MUCH cuter Halloween stickers. Like puffy stickers of cartoon monsters and the like.

What I’d Love to See in Future

Improvements to the Pamphlet

It was only when I looked through social media did I see that other people received variations of the products I received. For example, the Onigiri plush can come with different facial expressions and the Sanrio sticky notes can be for any character not just Pompompurin! I reckon it would have been really cool to see in the magazine the other item versions you could have gotten!

Theme Consistency

So not just this box, but having had a look at past boxes, I found that the items don’t tend to match the theme. For example September’s theme was a travel one but the only travel themed items subscribers got was a travel badge and a notebook with a map on it. But August’s ‘Back to School’ theme was great with heaps of stationery items like a pencil case and mini-whiteboard. I know it can be hard to find items to match a theme, but I think if a theme is chosen at least 60% of the box should fit that theme.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Kawaii Box had some really great items that I was really happy to get. While it didn’t necessarily stick to its Halloween theme the items were certainly very cute and most importantly, practical. There were some items I did have a bit of an issue with, particularly the stationery set which was already opened when I pulled it out and probably quite a cheap item. However with free shipping and the low price, I reckon this box is pretty good value for money.

If you’d like to try out Kawaii Box for yourself, you can use my referral code to get $5 off your first box!

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