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Kitty Love – Way to Look for Love – Otome Review

‘Kitty Love – Way to Look for Love’ is the third otome title from OperaHouse to hit the Nintendo Switch store. The game was first released (2014) as a mobile game with a free prologue, and purchasable routes. Earlier this year it was re-released for the Switch by OperaHouse and DIGIMERCE in Japan, and now it has been localised. In the game you play as Honoka Shinoda (name changeable), a young woman who works at a flower shop. One day after work, Honoka rests at a local park and hangs out with some stray cats. She absentmindedly wishes she too could be a cat, but quickly learns you should be careful what you wish for. An odd-eyed cat appears and curses her, during the day she will be human but at night she will turn into a cat. The only way to break the curse? A kiss from her true love.

Kitty Love Way to Look for Love Cat

Quick Info

Where to buy? Nintendo Switch Online Shop – $25 USD

Number of Romance Options: 5 guys

Recommended play through order:  Order doesn’t matter but save Saijo for last!!

Walkthrough? Over here

Total Play Time: 10 hours

Kitty Love Way to Look for Love Takuma Suguri

Surrounding the game’s English release, there was a lot of hype and a bit of worry surrounding translation quality. Let’s get into the positives first. There’s no denying this is a gorgeous game, each male love interest has a unique design ranging from the traditional Saijo with his long hair and kimono to the ultra-modern host Kyosuke with his mullet and tux. Each chapters and both endings (happy and normal) featured a CG, so essentially this game had 50 CGs! Each CG was adorable with careful attention to detail, especially in highlighting the differences in how the guy’s interacted with MC’s cat form and MC’s human form. Although, I would have loved to see more kissing CGs, gimme that heavy romance!

However, this game isn’t just built on pretty looks.  While each route had pretty much the same structure, each guy was interesting enough to keep it fresh. And, while sometimes it fell a little bit into cliche territory, they were all very endearing. I enjoyed seeing the different ways MC fell in love with each guy, helped them to overcome their fears and insecurities and ultimately had their happy ending. And by gosh were the confession scenes incredible, each boy’s sprite was animated and blushing as he spoke of his love for MC. A personal favourite of mine was Shogo Fujimoto’s route, the last few chapters had my heart racing and I’m sure I blushed at a few lines!

Kohei Natsume Kitty Love Way to Look for Love

However, a route I didn’t quite like was Kyosuke’s, and it’s not because it was an awful story. But for some reason, compared to the rest of the game, Kyosuke’s route had the worst translation .  There were a lot of spelling and grammar errors, as well as sentences that had been translated twice. Unfortunately, since the story was also quite confusing, it was to the point that I wasn’t quite sure what was going on , one moment it’s a normal story and then a love rival appears but the intentions of the guy aren’t really revealed besides “gosh I hate Kyosuke!”.

Speaking of translation quality, as I know that is the big question on everyone’s minds, generally I found it ok. I personally haven’t had experience playing the other games available on the Switch store like ‘Iris School of Wizardry’, but based off screenshots I’ve seen, I’m going to go ahead and say the translation in this game is definitely better than in previous games. As a point of comparison, if you’ve ever played an older Genius Inc. game, it’s about the same translation – misspelling and odd phrases (such as the store’s backroom is called the backyard), but  generally you can understand what’s going on. Since I do adore the stories in this game, I’d love to see a proof-reader go through the game and just bring the translation to a higher standard.

Kitty Love Otome translation example.jpg

Kitty Love Otome translation

Kitty Love otome review
Some translation examples, the first two are particularly bad but rare-ish, while the last one is what the game is normally like with awkward phrasing, here ‘flower organ’ refers to ‘vase’.

Perhaps my only reservation about the game was the lack of side-character sprites. I know what you’re thinking – what an incredibly small thing to be picky about! But whenever I play a game I love to get a feel for the people around the main characters, I don’t like just seeing a blank screen when someone is talking. Even as MC goes around the park in cat form and ‘talks’ to other cats, I think there was a real missed opportunity to include some adorable cat sprites. I understand that there’s five routes and lots of side characters, but even if they just had a silhouette it would have made the game feel a bit more polished.

Another smaller suggestion, I absolutely loved hearing about all the different flowers in the flower shop. I ended up having my laptop open next to me while I was playing so I could google image all the flowers mentioned like African Daisies. I think a really cool feature that could be added in is a little pop up drawing of what the flowers look like in-game, again just to give the game a more polished feel.

kitty love otome review

Looking at other review’s of previous games and even comments on social media, I’ve seen a few people mention that these games use ‘stock’ background images. I even managed to find one of a supermarket which I also found in the BL game ‘Seiyuu Danshi‘. On this point, I’m not going to be overly critical. The game has an incredible amount of scene changes, and since it was originally a mobile game, I can understand them using stock images rather than making up their own. I would much rather see extra character sprites than some new backgrounds.

To be honest I actually had quite a fun time playing through ‘Kitty Love’. I found each guy quite lovely and their stories interesting, even though the routes followed the same pattern. In terms of translation, I wasn’t too bothered by the spelling or grammar errors except in one route that I mentioned above. If you are someone who absolutely can’t stand errors, this would be a hard miss for you. But, if you’re like me and just fill in the blanks automatically it’s not a massive issue. But in saying that, I don’t want to sound like I’m giving DIGIMERCE a free pass with this translation. The story, art and voice acting in this game are all good enough to warrant a second look at the script. It’ll be quite disappointing if otome fans shy away from this interesting game because there was no one to simply proof-read it! Ultimately, I’ll be giving this game 3 cat paws out of five.

Kitty Love Switch Otome review

I’d also like to give a massive thank you to DIGIMERCE for providing me with a review copy of the game.

8 thoughts on “Kitty Love – Way to Look for Love – Otome Review

  1. Nice review! I agree with what you said on stock images, I don’t think that’s a big deal when the game has so many CGs, especially considering it was brought from mobile. Fujimoto was also one of my favorites ❤ he was super adorable. I think my least favorites were Kohei and Kyosuke, mainly because of how they resolved certain things, clichés and inconsistencies. Takuma, Saijo and Fujimoto were incredibly adorable though ❤

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    1. Thank you! I gotta say I really loved all the different cat expressions in the CGs, my fave is when Saijo has cat MC wrapped up in a towel and her face is literally like (^w^). I’m really glad I read your in-depth review on each route, I finally understand what was going on in Kyosuke’s route 😂

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  2. hmmm
    it’s a toss up if I will get this game. looks good but I’m trying to be really selective about what merch and games I buy (saving money and responsible adult blah.)

    but your review really helps. I’m more likely to pick it up now xD
    the negatives, and suggestions about the game are kind of how I feel about mobile games in general; they are lacking some things, and need to be proofread (or better yet have a legit writer/adapter working on it, adding a bit more flavor to the text for an english audience.) I usually don’t bother with mobile. But it’s notable that this game is $25 as opposed to $40 or more for a higher quality otome.

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    1. I’m really glad my review has helped!! Ahh yes I know what you mean, I’ve been holding back on buying 7 Scarlet as I’ve heard mixed reviews on it and want to be 100% sure before I drop $50 on it!

      It’d be great if they take up the suggestions just to life the game up from being too much like a mobile game. If you do pick up Kitty Love I hope you enjoy it!!


      1. 7sCarlet is a great game with a mystery that doesnt have any holes imo.
        but the last two routes made me sad. you can’t play them until you’ve done the previous routes so it just ends on a bad note imo. I think the writers expected the reader to feel like … more optimistic, what with how they showed the end credits but… uh… no. It sucked because one of them was my favorite character. But I can’t say i regret playing it because other aspects were great. Lol and little things like listening to the often serious Shin’ichiro Miki act his character was hilarious during one part. xD
        yeah , mixed feelings on that game. I can’t clearly recommend it like I can for the recent Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly. (I haven’t tried Ashen Hawk yet.)


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