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Helix Waltz – Otome Dress Up Game – Has Been Released

Over the last few weeks an exciting new otome app has been teased. The game, ‘Helix Waltz’ markets itself as a dress up game, with an otome visual novel element. Looking at discussions online some have claimed the game is a copy of ‘Love Nikki’ and others say that just like ‘Love Nikki’ it’ll bait otome fans in and then have no dating sim elements. But now,  any speculation of the game can finally end as the game was just released! Like most games of this type, it comes with a pretty hefty file download – about 500 MB.

Helix Waltz error
Error from privacy information page

Quick First Impressions: It’s nearly midnight where I’m at, and I’ll be hiking tomorrow so I haven’t had the chance to play much. So first up when I made my account I tried to read the game’s privacy statement and I kept getting a ‘page not found’ error. I’m sure the game is legit and all that, but on the other hand that doesn’t exactly scream confidence/ professionalism.

Helix Waltz first impressions

In terms of the story, it actually seems quite interesting. It’s like a fantasy-spy romance, and the translation has been pretty fantastic so far. I’m still working my way around various features, but so far the interface seems pretty easy and straight forward.  So far the game seems to have 6 chapters, and an incredible lineup of side stories with other characters. In fact there’s a pretty impressive number of features from selecting dialogue options, actions and even a remembering game (which I got very confused by as it said it was a rhythm game!)

I’ll be working on a full review of the game when I finish my hiatus but in the meantime, if you download the game, make sure to friend me!

My friend code: 103864 Sorry everyone I’ve run out of friend spots, thank you for everyone who wanted to be my friend 😂 Please feel free to share your friend codes below in the comment section for other people to friend you!

For those of you who have done pre-registration should have received a code in your designated email address to claim rewards. Technically pre-registration should be closed but when I checked the site it looks like it’s still accepting, so if you haven’t done it, get in quick!

Helix Waltz Mobile Game

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