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Taehee Nam Walkthrough & Review ~SECRET Fan Crush

A few days ago, Day7 released another, much anticipated, otome game.  In ‘SECRET Fan Crush’ you play as junior High School student who is obsessed with K-Pop band ‘Pandora’.  There are five love interests, each with two endings a ‘love ending’ and a ‘pal’ ending. There MAY be a secret route, I’m not 100% sure, just judging from the album! Like past Day7 games, all the characters are quite young, the oldest love interest is Taehee, who is 22. Since he’s the closest to me in age, also the cutest, so I wanted to start with him!

WoobinHaejin DohwonTaeheeParang


  • If you tell, I’ll have to take revenge!
  • Illustration – Follow Taehee inside
  • You are a good person
  • Charm needed – 80
  • Hey, have some faith in me
  • Illustration – Go play pool with Taehee
  • I’m seeing Leon in my head…
  • Charm needed – 150
  • Wasn’t it too heavy…
  • I’m glad you’re here.
  • Charm needed – 240
  • (that it didn’t feel good)
  • Illustration –  Buy gift for 1500 stars
  • (tap his arm playfully)


I’ve said this in previous reviews of Day7 games, but I do hope they put out a game with older characters soon. Playing as a 24 year old, I did find MC a little bit immature at times and it was hard to relate to her. But in saying that, I do think the game really captured the essence of the fangirl, there were some really hilarious scenes of MC freaking out over her best boy and Taehee just watching her in a mixture of awe and horror.

For the actual story of this route, I had a few issues with it. First off, I’m guessing MC is about 17 years old and dating a 22 year old feels a tad icky to me. Another aspect of the route I didn’t like was that there were quite a few instances where the MC had issues with creepy guys. For example at one point in the story she is harassed and groped by a guy at a store. I felt like these parts of the story were included simply for Taehee to come in and save MC like a knight in shining armour and I thought it was a pretty weak & inappropriate way to strengthen their relationship.

What did you think of Taehee? Let me know in the comments ☺️!

Frequently Asked Questions

Hello! I noticed a few questions have been popping up across the five walkthroughs and thought I’d add this section. Please note, I’m adding this FAQ in April 2019, nearly 5 months since I played the game, some terms I use may be incorrect because it’s been a long time!

How do I get the required charm for the checkpoints? To get the required charm you must be items of clothing for the female character.

I’m not sure how to buy the gift?? The option to buy the gift will be in the second last chapter. I believe it’s clothes for the boy. You must ensure that the clothing is equipped so that you can get the illustration AND increase your love points.

I followed your answers and still did not get the best ending!!! Some routes have a higher love point threshold than others. So even though you choose all the correct answers you’ll also need to buy outfits for the girl to increase the love points you have.

I still can’t get the best ending! Please make sure that everything you can equip is equipped!

Please note, I have turned off comments for these walkthroughs. The questions I have received can either be answered in the FAQs above or on replies I’ve made to comments on the other walkthroughs. It’s very hard for me to work out why you can’t get the best ending without seeing your actual game and what you’ve done. If you’re still having issues reaching the best ending I don’t know what the issue is. Please contact Day7. 

13 thoughts on “Taehee Nam Walkthrough & Review ~SECRET Fan Crush

  1. All I can say to this is yes. This review is so true. I was also really bothered by the fact that the MC is around 17 (assuming this since the other characters are around that age) and Taehee is 22. I understand that he was in college and all, but being slightly younger than the MC- I would pretend he was around 19, even though this is unrealistic. Before really reading this route, they should have made it more clear that he wasn’t her actual teacher XD I remember reading something where he said: “class dismissed” and I believed he was her actual teacher at first, which made me not want to read the route. It wasnt a great route plot-wise, but his character was pretty kind, and not to weird as long as they didn’t get into the teacher student thing… Everytime he really mentioned her being his student I would cringe… No offense but it’s a little strange. At least he was just her tutor though, and in the ending he told her that she had to wait until after college for ‘more’. At least he came to his senses, and he’d probably wait until after her whole ‘Leon Fan’ thing wore off, to really make there relationship official? I dont know… I think this is the weirdest one and I’ll probably never understand it \_(‘-‘)_/

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    1. I swear the older I get the more cringe I find routes like these! I really hope that Day7 releases some games with older MCs and Love Interests, it seems they really target high school romance settings :/

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  2. I think i missed the buy gift part even tho i redo it twice….can u tell where i can found the buy gift part (1500 star) is? Because i keep getting pal ending and it’s actually bothering me 😥😥😥 thanks


    1. Hi, the buy gift part is in the second last chapter. Like the other chapters, you’ll have a choice. i think the buy gift option is in pink). The gift is an outfit, so you have to make sure it is equipped before continuing.


      1. Yep that’s it. You have to make sure the boy is wearing it. The other issue could be that some routes have a higher ‘best ending’ threshold. So besides the items you buy in route, you’ll need to purchase additional outfits for the female character.

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      2. i can’t even have any love ending even though I already bought all of the outfits (except for the maid one), i followed your walkthroughs for each characters.. I bought the special date outfits too.. but still no love ending.

        Why is that? help me pls 😭😭😭😭


      3. Ohh.. and you said that we have to equip with everything we bought right? but why is there still no love ending.. huhu


      4. Yes, you have to make sure you equip the date outfit that you bought in the second last chapter. If you have done that, and you still can’t get the love ending I’m not sure what’s going wrong 😦


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