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Dohwon Choi Walkthrough & Review ~SECRET Fan Crush

Onto the second love interest route for ‘SECRET Fan Crush’! But first, a quick summary for those of you who missed Taehee’s walkthrough. Here, you play as junior High School student who is obsessed with K-Pop band ‘Pandora’.  There are five love interests, each with two endings a ‘love ending’ and a ‘pal’ ending. Each route has about 14 chapters, and to get special stories or illustrations you need to buy things with stars. In some routes you can get the love ending easier than others, that is without buying extra things. I believe Dohwon is one of the easier routes!



  • (what lotion would he use?)
  • Illustration – Hand him the hand warmer
  • Thank you in advance
  • Charm needed – 80
  • Even your bank card password?
  • Illustration – Save the number on my phone
  • It’s bothering me very much
  • Charm needed – 150
  • I’m listening
  • …it is pretty, though.
  • Charm needed – 230
  • You are unpredictable
  • Illustration – Buy gift
  • Take them all back


I definitely enjoyed this story a lot more than Taehee’s. Dohwon is a bit of a typical popular rich kid who is secretly lonely, but it’s not a trope that I dislike. I really liked Dohwon’s design and his first two date CGs were so gosh darn cute! Story-wise I felt that there was a lot of emphasis on Pandora and MC’s interactions with Leon. At times it felt like Dohwon was pushed to the background, and it didn’t really feel like this was his route.


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