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Haejin Seo Walkthrough & Review ~SECRET Fan Crush

On to the final official love interest routes of ‘SECRET Fan Crush’!!!  So far I’ve had a mixed experience with the game, I’ve loved two routes and found the other two routes meh. How will Haejin’s route go :)? A quick summary of the game’s story – you play as junior High School student who is obsessed with K-Pop band ‘Pandora’.  There are five love interests (+ maybe a secret one?), each with two endings a ‘love ending’ and a ‘pal’ ending. Each route has about 14 chapters, and to get special stories or illustrations you need to buy things with stars. In some routes you can get the love ending easier than others, that is without buying extra things.



  • Huh, your face is about to explode
  • Illustration – Ignore and stay still
  • You talk like a grandpa
  • Charm needed – 100
  • Are you touched by my words?
  • Illustration – Buy bouquet
  • On purpose? Why?
  • Charm needed – 200
  • (Others might misunderstand)
  • It’s a nice song, right?
  • Charm needed – 250
  • (Stare at the hand he’s holding.)
  • Illustration – Buy gift for 1500 stars
  • (Just nod)


So first off, sorry to disappoint everyone but I misinterpreted the ‘secret’ photo album. It didn’t actually hint to a special Leon route, it was just a bunch of extra pictures. I was a little disappointed that Leon didn’t have a route as it felt like he took over half of every other love interest route. But anyway, Haejin’s route was quite interesting and out of all the routes his CGs were my favourite! Personality wise, I found the clash between Haejin and MC quite interesting and adorable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Hello! I noticed a few questions have been popping up across the five walkthroughs and thought I’d add this section. Please note, I’m adding this FAQ in April 2019, nearly 5 months since I played the game, some terms I use may be incorrect because it’s been a long time!

How do I get the required charm for the checkpoints? To get the required charm you must be items of clothing for the female character.

I’m not sure how to buy the gift?? The option to buy the gift will be in the second last chapter. I believe it’s clothes for the boy. You must ensure that the clothing is equipped so that you can get the illustration AND increase your love points.

I followed your answers and still did not get the best ending!!! Some routes have a higher love point threshold than others. So even though you choose all the correct answers you’ll also need to buy outfits for the girl to increase the love points you have.

I still can’t get the best ending! Please make sure that everything you can equip is equipped!

Please note, I have turned off comments for these walkthroughs. The questions I have received can either be answered in the FAQs above or on replies I’ve made to comments on the other walkthroughs. It’s very hard for me to work out why you can’t get the best ending without seeing your actual game and what you’ve done. If you’re still having issues reaching the best ending I don’t know what the issue is. Please contact Day7. 

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  1. why i can’t get love ending on haejin’s route ?. i follow all the hint choice and buy the stuff too. in the ending i just get pal ending 😦


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