Otaku Monthly Reads – November 2018

Another month has gone past, and that means another otaku reads round up! As I was in Japan for half of November, I didn’t get to read as much as I wanted. But I still managed to check out two romance series and one comedy. Check out which one I enjoyed the most and which one was my biggest frustration of the month. Also, quick, psst you can read about my Japan travel adventures over here!

The Good…

Marry Me! (Ongoing)

Art & Story : Yuuki Miku

The Japanese government has started a new law called the ‘NEET Protection’ law. The law essentially couples together a working individual with a NEET, they get married and it’s hoped that the working individual has a positive influence on the NEET.  Akiyasu Shin, a 28 year old civil servant is one of the first individuals to get married under this law. His new wife, Sawamoto Himari, has become a recluse after the death of her grandmother and is not too happy to have a random husband knocking on her door!

Marry Me! Romance manga review

I love romance stories, but I find in manga they’re often not done well. So I’m always on an endless search to find something that is unique and gets my heart racing, and this story did just that. I loved seeing the relationship  between Akiyasu and Sawamoto slowly develop from two people thrown into an odd situation to something more. Sawamoto in particular is such a likeable character, she’s anxious but excited to learn about new things, there’s such a strength to her seemingly frail persona. I adore this series!

The Alright…

Kareshi no Neko ga Kawaikunai! (Ongoing)

Art & Story: Maeda Aki

Matsuri has just moved in with her baseball superstar boyfriend, but there’s one thing standing in her way to a happy home life. That is, her boyfriend’s cat Sayuri. Thus begins a battle of wits as Matsuri and Sayuri compete for attention and also have to learn to tolerate each other’s company.

My Boyfriend's Cat Isn't Cute manga

Overall I found this series really funny. Each ‘chapter’ is just a one page gag, which makes for some easy very light reading. One thing I did get a bit confused on is there was no real consistency with Sayuri’s character, one moment she’s doing internal monologue and then it disappears for 15 chapters and then she’s back doing it. But I still had a lot of laughs making my way through this series and found some moments very relatable with my own struggles with my cats!

And the Down Right Frustrating…

Not A Sugar Daddy (Ongoing)

Art & Story: Pyapya

Dear god where do I begin with this one? The series starts off like a wholesome silly boys love webtoon. The story follows couple Jungwoo (who looks 30) and Youngmin (who looks 18), when in reality they’re both in their early 20s. Now, I was totally onboard for this mix-matched couple and the cute misunderstandings that arise from their looks. But then, chapter 2 came round and ruined everything! Youngmin is viciously bullied at his university when a girl who has a crush on him mistakes his relationship with Jungwoo as compensated dating. If things couldn’t get any worse, a professor that Youngmin admires rapes him. After the assault, Yougmin is manipulated into thinking that he ‘led’ the professor on and is blackmailed into doing sexual favours.

Not a Sugar Daddy yaoi

At the time of writing this, there’s about 24 chapters out and I don’t know how I go through them. It was just so horrendously bleak and upsetting, and almost unnecessarily so. Almost, as if, the creator went ‘how can I make these characters suffer as much as possible?’ and just threw everything they could at them. So, essentially, there’s not much of a story except seeing two genuine guys suffers for no reason at all. The art itself is alright but I noticed some weird shading here and there. Definitely my worst and most frustrating read of the month.


That’s it for November! I hope you enjoyed reading my reactions to these three series, and I’ve either introduced you to a cool new series or warned you off a bad one. Next month is December so I may be doing a top manga of 2018. We’ll see how I go!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite/ most impressionable reads of the month were!