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William H. Watson Walkthrough & Review – London Detective Mysteria

XSEED Games have released their first ever otome game – London Detective Mysteria. In the game, you play as a young noble woman who joins a detective’s academy, and can romance one of five guys, or charm two other characters. For my first play through, I decided to romance the cheerful and kind William H. Watson. I hope you find this walkthrough useful and enjoy my review of the route down below!

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Recommended Route Order – Working on it! 


Whitley in Wonderland

  • I’m alright 
  • Second witness
  • A
  • One
  • Conflicted
  • Turn himself in 
  • Watson (Up)

A most precarious afternoon tea

  • You ought to consider everyone’s feelings  (Watson Up)
  • But what about you?
  • Watson (Watson Up)
  • Write in my diary

The Very Peculiar Boy

  • I’m sorry for this morning  (nothing)
  • It’s better to wait and see what happens (Watson Up)
  • It’s important to make friends (nothing)
  • Write in diary 

Jean Lupin, Gentlemen Burglar

  • Not a criminal
  • The window / The safe
  • Open my eyes
  • Read a book

The Falsehood of Herlock Holmes

  • The kitchen, study and stable (any order)

When East Comes West

  • He’s not someone I’ll get on well with 
  • Read a book
  • Kobayashi

The Littlest Landlady

  • The results wouldn’t be very accurate that way!
  • Forgive me. It was never my intention to frighten you young lady
  • The stolen plate is false
  • Someone close to Hudson
  • Visit in any order 
  • Someone Else —-> Mr Howard
  • Read a book

The Missing Man

  • Why not?
  • I’d best let them go
  • Classified documents on major crimes
  • Watson’s
  • In

A Gathering in Shambles

  • Watson
  • …climb up the tree
  • Holmes
  • …watch what he’s doing
  • Marple
  • …call out to her
  • Lupine
  • …play a practical joke on him
  • Hudson
  • …joined in on the fun?
  • Akechi
  • …watch him sleep
  • Kobayashi
  • …simply tell him why I’m here?
  • …call out to him
  • …the back alley

Fog Over Baker Street

  • no choices – 

Fog Over the East End

  • Save Here!
  • Accept what he says
  • I can’t do that!

– No more choices from here – 

Ill-fated End

You don’t get anything special by reading the sad ending, but for those who are interested in what happens.

  • Load Save File
  • Keep arguing
  • I don’t know what to do


Overall, I really enjoyed Watson’s route. In a lot of retellings of the Holmes/ Watson dynamic, Watson tends to appear a bit of a buffoon, but when you actually read the books it’s clear he’s quite an intelligent individual. So I was really happy to see Watson’s various talents shine in his route, and especially see him solve cases on his own without relying on Herlock to swing in and save the day. I also really liked Watson’s character design, he reminded me a lot of Impey from Code;Realize, with his cheeky grin and long hair. 

William Watson review walkthrough london detective mysteria

Romance-wise, I had mixed feelings. The basic plot around Whitley/ Watson romance was actually really cute, but then in the last chapter a lot of unnecessary drama was added in. I felt the basic premise of the story got lost in the whole ‘I’m not good enough’ cliche, and seemed a little out of character for Watson. Still, a very cute first route and a great introduction to the game.