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JAST BLUE will localise ‘Slow Damage’

During Nitro+CHiRAL’s 10th anniversary festival (November 2016), the company announced work on a new game. A few months later, the below PV was released, but not much on the story can be gleamed from that nor the game’s official website. Nevertheless the game does seem to follow the typical nitro+chiral style of dark themes and an intense atmosphere. Furthermore, the character designs look very similar to that of Kana Tatana (pen name) who did the art for ‘Togainu no Chi’ and ‘Lamento  – Beyond the Void -‘. Although while similar, I doubt that she will be doing this game as according to her VNDB page she is currently working on an UtaPri game.

JAST BLUE, has rocked the BL world over the last year with their announcements. With their release of sweet pool, less than a fortnight ago, and their announcements of the rest of the Nitro+CHiRAL catalogue earlier this year. It’s almost not a surprise that they just tweeted  that they too would be translating ‘Slow Damage’.  They’ve event set up a web page for it. They have yet to confirm if this will be a simultaneous release, but I can’t imagine it not being one. The game will be released in 2020, so will be a long wait, but in the mean time we’ll have three other games to look forward to!