Iroha Tamaki SQ Figure Review

During my November trip to Japan, one thing I did a lot of was figurine shopping. I ended up bringing back about thirteen awesome figures, some won and some purchased. I’ve seen a few bloggers do figurine and merchandise reviews and thought it’d be fun to have a go of it. For my first figurine review, I’ll be look at the Iroha Tamaki SQ Figure. This figure came out in April 2017 as a prize figure (meaning you had to win it in an arcade). I managed to score this figure from a second-hand shop in Tokyo, for a sweet 880 yen (about $8 USD and $11 AUD).

Quick Info

Series: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record

Company: Banpresto – SQ Figure

Distribution: Prize Figure

Height: 16cm

Where to Buy: Amazon (Affiliate Link)

There’s no denying that this is an adorable figurine. I personally haven’t had the opportunity to play the Magia Record game, I purchased this figurine in preparation for the anime adaptation coming out in 2019. But from the soft eyes, sweet eyes and blush I can already tell that Iroha is a character I’m going to like. Her character seems to be sweet, and graceful. I particularly like her hand positions as though she’s steadying herself from a gust of wind, it all just screams adorable. I also want to point out the attention to detail that went into including her necklace and even the golden dots on her belt. 

However, as many seasoned figurine buyers can tell you – prize figures aren’t known for their quality. Overall I found the figure had a messy paint job. The black line on the back of her head was fuzzy and bleeding into the white of the hood, and the white lacings of her boots were again, quite messy. Perhaps my biggest concern with the figure are the clothing folds around Iroha’s waist and along her arms. They just looked awkward and more like she had something protruding from underneath her clothes, than the clothes themselves folding with her body movements. Furthermore, the figurine is significantly smaller than her other Madoka Magica counterparts. Making it hard to have cute photoshoots together!

Iroha Tamaki SQ figurine review

As I only paid about $11 for the figure, I’m not sorely disappointed with it. It’s very cute, and I’m excited to see what Iroha Tamaki is like in the anime series. However, I know that the poor paint job and the small size of the figure will continue to irk me. Every time I see the creases / folds of her clothes I just think a bone has popped out of her! Because of the reasons above, I’ll have to give this figure three paws out of five.

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How did I do for my first figurine review? Let me know in the comments ☺️

8 thoughts on “Iroha Tamaki SQ Figure Review

  1. Happy New Year, Cat!!! May this year be a great one! 😀
    I see you’re getting into figures too 😉 She’s super adorable! Do you know any good sites/vids/blogs about caring for figures? I’m still afraid to unbox mine for fear of dust and not having a case for them haha.

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    1. Thank you!! And a Happy New Year to you too 🙂 Oh gosh yes, I’m kind of obsessed now, they are a few ones I’m saving up for like the Kyoko and Sayaka Maiko figures from Madoka Magica. Ooh I’m not sure, but the reddit anime figures forum seem pretty helpful!! I know quite a few people on there post pictures of their glass cases they use to display their figures 🙂

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      1. Right? I wish I bought more figures of her when I was in Japan, they’re all so cute. I’m not quite sure, I have some of my cheaper figures out in the open at the moment, my more expensive ones share a display case with my mum’s vases and souvenirs 😂😂 I saw a guy on Twitter use a baseball display case for his nendoroids and that looked awesome!


  2. Very cute figure indeed! I’m kinda curious how small she stands next to 1/8 scale figures 🤔 I’ve never gotten a prize figure before so I’m curious what it’s like to have it in a collection of taller figures.
    Anyway, like you said, it’s a shame that the way they painted it takes away from the quality because it seems like a good sculpt overall but the paint bleeding just detracts from it whenever you take a good look at it. If I had one with a similar paint job I would feel the need to repaint it a bit but there’s always a chance that I could make it worse so maybe it’s best to leave it as it is haha.
    Thanks for the review!

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    1. Ooh yeah definitely, I’ll have to dig around to see if I have any 1/8 scale figures, I feel like I got one years ago at a convention but packed it away. But it’ll be interesting to compare. I’ve been a bit hooked on prize figures recently as they can be quite cheap but yeah the quality is sometimes hit or miss.


  3. Such a cute figure! I have one prize figure, and I know that it does have worse paint, but unless I hold it up an inch in front of my eyes, it’s barely noticeable. Since I don’t just naturally hold it in front of my face, it looks perfectly fine from average-viewing-distance lol.

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    1. Thank you! Yes definitely, I’m always pretty impressed by prize figures, sure they aren’t the best quality, especially if you look up close, but they definitely beat the crap you get in Australian claw machines.


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