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Steam Prison Release Date Announced!

Visual novel localisation company MangaGamer has announced the official release date of upcoming otome game Steam Prison. The game will be released on the 14 February 2019, on both the MangaGamer website and Steam. The game will be available to play on Windows 7, 8 and 10, with Japanese voices and English text. Steam Prison was developed by Japanese company HuneX, who many fans will recognise for mobile otome games such as Ephermeral and London Detective Story. Below is the official introduction to the game:

In this world there there are those fortunate enough to enjoy safety, luxury, and comfort inside their gorgeous, utopian city that boasts a commanding view of the ravaged surface far below their haven. The rest don’t matter. When our heroine leaves the protection of the Heights to perform her police duties on The Depths below, she’s greeted with a violent, destitute world of hardworking, damaged individuals. Can she reconcile the world she knows with this world as it is? Will she connect with any of those living below, or join in the contempt for them? Can she endure the truths to be uncovered under her watch?

The game will feature five love interests for our eighteen year old heroine, and yes, one of them is an adorable megane! Looking at the voice talents in the game, our heroine will be voiceless, and the voice actors of the love interests are ones I haven’t heard before. The only one that is somewhat familiar is the voice of Eltcreed who also voiced a side character in Period Cube. So I’m very excited to hear what lovely tones and sexy lines these voice actors will bring to Steam Prison!

The game is currently available to preorder at a discounted price of $31.45. If you would like to pre-order, and support this site at the same time, you can purchase Steam Prison  through the following affiliate link – Over here!

Yune Sekiei


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