Dororo Episode 2 Review: Will Bandai go Bye Bye?

The winner of the Winter 2019 first impressions poll was Dororo , and I won’t attempt to hide my excitement. Thank you all for not rallying against me and picking something you know I’ll hate! For those who are new to Dororo, I recommend checking out my first impressions post of it, over here. With all that out of the way, let’s jump into episode two. Dororo and Hyakkimaru continue their travels, with Dororo spending most of the trip talking at Hyakkimaru. Hyakkimaru has only gotten his skin back, so he can’t hear, see nor respond to Dororo’s nonstop chatter. But he’s able to sense the pureness of his spirit so keeps him around. Jumping into a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, Dororo drags Hyakkimaru to a nearby village who is having trouble with a monster.  But not all is as it seems…

Dororo episode 2 anime

Dororo Hyakkimaru episode 2.png

We’re still at episode two, so please pardon this blanket statement, but I don’t really mind this structure that is developing in each episode. The duo discover a monster, Hyakkimaru kills it, *bam* Hyakkimaru gets some body part back. There’s a lot of wiggle room to develop interesting and unique adventures around it, while also giving viewers that sense of accomplishment. I’m really looking forward to when Hyakkimaru gets his tongue/ voice back, he’s the big enigma of this show, and I’m sure he has lots to say about his situation. But, as I mentioned above, Dororo seems to be doing enough talking for the both of them. As I mentioned in my first impressions, I am finding Dororo’s character a little grating on the nerves. But he is just a young kid, and all alone in the world, so I can’t blame him for being excited to chat!

On a really small, and perhaps random, note, I was a little bit confused at how Hyakkimaru’s prosthetics work. There’s a scene early in the episode where he’s shown picking berries with his fingers. The scene for a moment made me forget he had on prosthetics, as it was shown as dexterous as an actual human hand. But hey, we’re here to watch the dude slay demons not assess the accuracy or technological abilities of prosthetics in Sengoku Japan. (I’m saying Sengoku based on the manga’s wikipedia page!)

To sum up, I’m particularly excited for the next episode of Dororo. It’ll be very interesting to see how Hyakkimaru reacts to having his new sense back. As, compared to other senses, and in relation to his quest, it can actually be seen as more a hinderance than a ‘yes’ moment. 

Never trust an anime character with these eyebrows

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