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Tailor Tales Otome Game Review

Tailor Tales is a dress up otome game ten years in the making. You may remember this game from my interview with the developer, Celianna, in mid-2017. In the game you play as Joselina who owns a small clothing boutique. Joselina is completely customisable MC, from her name, to skin colour and facial features. There are six bachelors planned for the game, but currently only two are available. Each route features a completely unique story, so no common routes, and includes twenty five chapters, with two endings and an epilogue. To progress through the game you fulfil client’s requests by making clothes, as well as making special event clothing for yourself.

Quick Info

Price: Free

Routes: 6 planned routes, 2 available (Dimitri & Neil)

Play time: ~8 hours (for now)

Available on: Steam & Itch.io (Windows Only)

Tailor Tales
Starting off
Tailor Tales review
My finished look!

The game is a visual novel with dress up elements. Each chapter features choices where you can choose to act ‘kind’ or ‘fierce’. The story doesn’t have a bad ending, but two good endings (passionate and innocent) depending on how often you are ‘kind’ or how often you are ‘fierce’.  While I’m glad our MC isn’t a typical otome one that lets the guys walk all over here, I didn’t really enjoy the ‘fierce’ dialogue options. I found them to be a little bit mean. For example, in Neil’s route there’s a scene where you step on and break his super expensive watch. He had dropped it and was trying to find it, and is pretty upset that you broke it. The ‘fierce’ dialogue option was to yell at him and tell him that it was his fault for loosing the watch. I felt it was just a bit mean, so I ended up only choosing kind options in his route. But in Dimitri’s route, the ‘fierce’ options were more flirty, so I felt comfortable choosing them. It’ll be interesting to see how ‘fierce’ options are in later routes.

Story-wise, I can definitely tell the amount of work that was put into this game. The writing is great, and I enjoyed how each romance option has a unique backstory. Character wise, Neil has a pretty strong tsundere character whereas Dimitri is a bit more like a little brother character. These types of love interests are typically not my favourite. I don’t mind little brother types but I have a pretty strong dislike of tsundere characters, as such I didn’t enjoy Neil’s route as much as I could have. 

Neil Forrester Tailor Tales

Tailor Tales

One big aspect of the game is the dress up mechanism. The game uses in-game currency for you to buy different fabric, styles, patterns and even character customisation options. You also need currency to purchase the next chapter in your love Interest’s story. But don’t worry, money is super easy to earn. You can fulfil client requests and earn a couple of hundred dollars. I really loved how the more requests you fulfilled the more your work was worth. So at the beginning of the game, making some shorts got me $100 but by halfway through the same pair of shorts netted me $500. 

However, I did find a few problems with it. Sometimes I would design a client’s outfit and keep getting an error message saying it wasn’t exact (like the photo above). But I could never work out why it wasn’t exact. I would also have liked a few extra chances to design outfits rather than just making a replica of a client’s requests. I think this could have really been utilised in the chapter design requirements, even if the outfit I designed didn’t show up in the CG it would have felt a little bit less repetitive of mixing and matching based on a pre-existing design.

Tailor Tales game review

I found Tailor Tales to be very welcomed breath of fresh air in the otome game scene. I liked the art, especially the blinking animation in each CG, and how each love interest looked so different from one another. I’m also really happy to see a game with older characters. I say this in nearly every otome review I do, but I am so sick of playing as a high school girl! I want to romance some guys my age, so I nearly jumped for joy when I saw the bachelors’ ages ranged from 19 to 27.

Overall, I’m very impressed by Tailor Tales. Each route is carefully planned out to create a unique romance with the bachelor. I did enjoy the dress up component of the game, it made me a bit nostalgic of when I played dress up games as a child. But I do wish there was a bit more freedom to design client’s clothes, rather than just design for our avatar. The game is definitely well worth checking out and I’m excited to meet the other bachelors who may fit the character tropes that I like a bit more.

Please note: While the game is free,  a plus version is available for Patreons and can be purchased at a later date, which will include some sexy time scenes.