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Rika Behind Story Announced – Mystic Messenger 

With Valentine’s Day coming, many Mystic Messenger fans have been waiting for an event announcement from Cheritz. Just a few hours ago, Cheritz posted that announcement, providing MCs world wide with heaps of MM goodies to enjoy on the 14th. The first is an After Story for V. V’s route was officially released early September 2017, so this DLC has been a long time coming. The After Story is said to be a bit more interactive than other After Stories, featuring different endings and chat responses. Saeran /Ray is still waiting his After Story, after being released last year January. Another, smaller announcement was that the Valentine’s DLC will now no longer require a ‘good ending’ to unlock. 

Rika Behind Story news

However, the biggest news is that Rika will now have her own DLC story the ‘Behind Story’. Rika is a much hated character within Mystic Messenger (for good reason!) and I’m a little bit torn on how I feel about her getting some extra DLC. While I am interested in her past, I also feel like I’d enjoy extra content for other characters more. Particularly , Vanderwood who is such an interesting character but not really explored! 

Why don’t you find out more about Rika’s veiled past through Rika’s Behind Story?

We highly recommend you to clear Secret 01 from the Original Story, since the first episode of this DLC will be free for those of you who have cleared it!

Also, we plan to hold a new SNS event in celebration of the upcoming updates. ꈍꈊꈍ
We’d like to feel your heart for Rika!


To celebrate Rika’s upcoming DLC release, Cheritz is holding an event where fans can send messages to Rika with the hashtag #To_Rika  , winners will be chosen and will recieve special Rika/ Mint Eye merchandise. I’m not quite sure how that event will go over, especially hoping fans will “feel your heart for Rika”. Many of the messages out now are just cursing Rika and saying how much they hate her 😅

Let me know your thoughts in the comments – are you excited for Rika’s DLC?


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