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Sakura Tempest Boys Love VN Demo Review

Sakura Tempest is an upcoming Boys Love Visual Novel from German indie developers D-KET. The game opens with Shotaro Osaka’s first day in high school, and it’s an eventful one that’s for sure. After knocking over the school’s infamous delinquent, getting scolded by the student council president and reuniting with an old childhood friend, it’s no wonder Shotaro’s world is spinning. But as the school year goes on, he’ll learn that each of the four ridiculously handsome men have feelings for him – which one will he end up with? That’s for you to decide. Sakura Tempest has a planned release date of early March 2019, with ~3 endings per character and lots of sexy time CGs. Today, I’ll be reviewing the demo of the game which covers the prologue.

Sakura Tempest review

The game is a visual novel, as such players can control the story by making dialogue and action choices. Some choices will give you a chance to spend more time with your chosen best boy and/ or open up sexy scenes. Character-wise, I’m really intrigued by each of the love interests, while they are a little bit stereotypical, they each have something mysterious about them that makes me want to learn more. My personal favourite at the moment is Yanagi, but I’m also looking at Hirose, he seems a bit like a secret devil! But, while I am pretty enamoured by the love interests, I don’t have a really good feel for who Shotaro is and what his personality is like. 

Of course, I couldn’t get this far in the review without mentioning the incredible art of the game. The is by Japanese artist Helga WAGA , and ooh boy does it make for a beautiful game. Each of the boy’s character sprites are so clean and crisp, I could look at Noah’s jacket all day. But what I loved the most were the backgrounds of each scenes. They were so detailed, I felt like I was looking at a photograph. Especially the above picture in Shotaro’s room, the pens on the desk to the iPod in the speakers. You can tell the game has been crafted with a lot of care and love. 

Sakura Tempest Noah

Sakura Tempest Hirose

I think my only real critique of the game was that at times I found the writing to be a bit too dense. I felt that everything was written down, from the minutest of details to even actions that an audience could infer from looking at the character sprites. Just a bit of editing and cutting out some unnecessary text would have made the game flow a bit better, rather than the audience stopping and getting caught up in the details. 

Overall, I really enjoyed playing through Sakura Tempest‘s prologue. While short, it sparked enough intrigue for the different characters and Shotaro’s love story.  I also really loved the artwork, and while only seeing two CGs in the prologue, am keen to see what other ones will be available in the main game. As mentioned above, the game will be available early March on Steam and , if you would like to try the demo out for yourself, you can download it at the link!



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