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Chinese Otome Love & Producer Has Been Localised & Released as Mr Love: Queen’s Choice!

Incredibly popular  Chinese otome game ‘Love & Producer’ (恋与制作人)  has just been released on the UK Play store in English. The game is from the same company (Alex) as Love Nikki and has welcomed a similar level of success. Fans in China even rented out a giant digital billboard to celebrate one of the love interest’s birthday in January last year! ‘Love & Producer’, localised as ‘Mr Love: Queen’s Choice’ follows an MC who heard her own media production company. As she tries to succeed in her chosen field she’s thrown into a world of secrets. Mysteries about evolutionary theories and supernatural abilities must be solved if she can get her happily ever after! The game features four love interests, ages ranging from 22 to 28.

Check out my first impressions post over here!

Mr Love Queen's choice love interests

The game features a number of fun game mechanics. On top of the typical dialogue/ action choices in visual novels, there’s a gatcha systems as well as texting and calling functions.. I’ve seen players compare it to Mystic Messenger in online forums. As well as English text, the game includes both Japanese and English voices. The localisation has also changed the character’s names. For example, Xu Mo has become Lucien and Zhou Qiluo is now Kiro. I can’t speak to the translation quality, but from the promotional material they’ve used so far, it does look to be quite good. 

I’m very excited to see a career successful MC. I’ve said it numerous times on this blog, but as I turn into an old maid, I’m a little bit sick of teenage MCs. I’m really pumped to see a heroine own her own company and be ready to kick some butt. I also really adore the designs of the love interests, the CGs that have been released as samples are SO PRETTY. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game and start playing.

Please note: The game is currently only available in the UK Play Store. On their social media account they do note that “*If you are not in the UK or not use Android devices, please don’t worry, Mr Love will meet you in other countries and platforms in the future.” I suppose the rest of us will have to wait and watch as our UK otome pals romance these gorgeous guys!


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