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This Boy is a Professional Wizard Review – A Magical Romance

Hanging out at his usual bar, Chiharu Kashima makes friends with someone quite unexpected. Toyohi is bright, overly friendly, and a little silly, all traits that Chiharu admires. But Toyohi is entranced by Chiharu’s magical ability and job as a the head of the Wizard Bureau’s Crisis Countermeasures Division. As only those from certain families are born able to use magic. Over the four, seven minute episodes, Chiharu and Toyohi’s relationship goes on a roller coaster ride as Chiharu questions how much of his identity and self of worth is based on his magical abilities.

Kono Danshi, Mahou ga Oshigoto Desu.

To start off on a slightly sour note, probably the weakest part of the series was the relationship between Chiharu and Toyohi. I found the development slightly unnatural, there was no real show of affection between the two characters until the last episode. So a lot of the scenes between them could easily be mistaken as just friends hanging out, although I suppose that is one of the pitfalls of the shounen-ai genre, romances are just hinted at. I would have preferred to see this story set later on in their relationship where things were more developed.

What I did enjoy about the story was the internal struggle of Chiharu’s character. I found the representations of Chiharu’s anxiety and lack of self-confidence, quite relatable. The rumination, getting inside your own head, and isolating yourself from others – Chiharu’s scenes were emotional and tore at my heart. With just twenty eight minutes of screen time, the anime managed to create quite a compelling story about depression and anxiety, but not such an interesting romance.

That boy is a professional wizard review

Just by looking at the pictures in this post, I’m sure you can tell that the anime had quite a unique art style. The anime was developed by CoMix Wave Films, known for works such as ‘Your Name’ and ‘The Garden of Words’. Works which showcase vivid colours and unique animation styles. Vivid is definitely an apt word here as scenes in this anime often seemed like a Van Gogh painting, swirling colours sharply contrasting one another, each scene was like a visual masterpiece. This anime also contained a mixture of some traditional Japanese art thrown in with some comic styles like text bubbles, making the viewing quite a unique experience.

Kono Danshi Mahou ga oshigoto desu

Overall, ‘This Boy is a Professional Wizard’ made for quite an interesting watch. I particularly felt drawn to Chiharu’s character and his internal struggles. I probably would have enjoyed an entire series about just him as Toyohi often felt like a background character. While the story is a bit of a hit and miss, the anime’s art style is gorgeous and definitely worth checking out. I know the studio has worked on another boys love anime about a boy and a merman which I’ll definitely be checking out!

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I really want to re-watch the show without having my ‘reviewer’ mindset, it’s such a visual experience. Have you seen the mermaid one they’ve done? I haven’t watched it yet but it looks just as gorgeous!


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